The COVID-19 War has been very good for Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s bank account, but even he knows dreams of jabbing the world’s population with a vaccine once every four months—as enticing as that likely sounds for him—is something that the public will never sign on to. 
So, the CEO, who pulled in a cool $21 million in 2020, and won another $1 million in the Genesis Prize for leading the development of COVID Jab, said in an interview last week that he envisions a world where COVID-19 becomes manageable like the flu, and only requires one jab each year. 
Bourla had to admit that the public does not have the appetite to take a new jab every four months (a CEO can dream). But he said an annual jab is beneficial for several reasons, especially because they are easier to sell to the public.
Bourla said that the virus will never be eradicated from society and will always kill some percentage of the public each year. 
But he said he envisions a return to some sense of normal life within the next few months. 
The vaccine business will continue to thrive, however, because there will always be some pesky variant that emerges “such as Omicron…that we will not be able to control.”
Drug Lord
Bourla had strong words against those questioning the need and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. He told Israel’s Channel 13 news those disagreeing with his beliefs are peddling misinformation about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy are criminals.
“They know very well everything; they just make it a way of living to circulate this misinformation; they are criminals,” the drug kingpin said. 
He claimed he was impacted by the spread of misinformation and said “anti-vaxxers” falsely claimed his wife died due to the vaccine and he was forced to call his in-laws and children to assure them that she was fine.
“But that’s the least of the damage. The biggest thing is because people believe those things… people who die are predominantly not vaccinated,” Bourla said. “Millions of people have died because of them, this small number of criminals.”
Bourla seems to be doling out his own misinformation when he claims that it is only a “sizable minority” that’s hesitant to roll up its sleeve for the unproven messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines.
The only reason many of the 63.9 percent of Americans were vaccinated in the first place is because their jobs hung in the balance. 
They would also be essentially barred from living a semi-normal social existence because indoor venues require the jab. (See “JAB KIDS WHO WON’T DIE OF THE VIRUS: THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE THE VAX BUSINESS,” “MORE VAX PROBLEMS: ALLERGIC REACTIONS & PFIZER VIOLATIONS,” “PFIZER’S COVID JAB: JOKESTER’S WILD” and “‘FIRST’ PILLS FOR COVID-19: MORE $$ FOR PFIZER, MORE BS?”)
TRENDSPOST: We reported in our 9 November issue that the global COVID-19 war is entering its next phase and drug makers are adapting. Both Pfizer and Merck have announced antiviral drugs to improve survivability for patients. Pfizer—already the lead seller of the COVID Jab—has contracts to supply other countries and expects paxlovid to add $5 billion to its yearly sales; its stock rose 11 percent on news of the new pill, whereas Merck’s stock price fell; see “DRUG COMPANIES CASHING IN ON COVID” (11 May 2021); “MORE COVID JABS, MORE BIG BUCKS FOR DRUG LORDS” (21 Sep 2021).
TRENDPOST: Why believe Pfizer? As we have reported in this and other Trends Journals, their “miracle vaccines,” are a fraction of the 96 percent efficacy which was sold to the public when they were launched last December. 
Yet, arrogant Presstitutes, “celebrities,” politicians and bureaucratic flunkies keep telling the people, schools, businesses and institutions to demand mandatory vaccinations… or “Do Not Enter.” (See “CDC VAX FACTS: IS THE TRUTH BEING TOLD?” 3 Aug 2021; “VAX EFFECTIVENESS: LIARS LIE, THE NUMBERS DON’T,” 12 Oct 2021).
TRENDPOST: Remember when President Donald Trump declared a state of COVID emergency on Friday the 13th in March 2020, and when he compared his “Operation Warp Speed” jab to the U.S.’s race for the atomic bomb? Trump said he would employ “every plane, truck and soldier” to distribute doses. 
Then go back to November/December 2020 when the Drug Lords were selling their line that two jabs from the Operation Warp Speed COVID Jab would provide a 96 percent efficacy rate. 
However, as we wrote, what they promised did not happen: See “ISRAEL: COVID DRUG MUCH LESS EFFECTIVE THAN WHAT WE’VE BEEN SOLD,” (27 Jul 2021) and our 12 October 2021 Trends Journal article, “NEW STUDIES PROVE: 96 VAX EFFICACY RATE WAS PURE BULLSHIT.” 

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