A report issued on 6 November by Radio France Internationale (RFI) tells of what may be the beginning of a new phase in the COVID War, in which drugs to fight the virus may be available to be taken orally, instead of by injection. 
Drug makers Pfizer and Merck have both announced development of such drugs, which are antivirals; they work by reducing the ability of the COVID virus to replicate. Both firms are seeking authorization to distribute their pills in the U.S.
Merck’s pill, molnupiravir, has already been approved and is in use in the U.K., where it’s being given to higher-risk patients such as the elderly, the obese and the diabetic; see “COVID-19 & OBESITY: THE MORE YOU WEIGH, THE WORSE OFF YOU ARE” (9 Mar 2021).
Pfizer calls its drug paxlovid; in clinical trials, both drugs significantly reduced the risk of hospitalization, paxlovid by around 90 percent and molnupiravir by 50 percent (although the report cautions that the testing protocols were not the same). Both are reported to have few side effects, and both would require about ten doses over five days; such treatment would cost about $700.
An article in The Wall Street Journal on 6 November contains much of the same information, but concentrates on the Pfizer drug, adding details such as explaining just how it keeps the virus from replicating; it works as a protease inhibitor (the class of drug proven effective against HIV); protease is an enzyme the virus needs to restructure its molecules in order to replicate. 
The WSJ article also states that, although paxlovid is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Pres. Biden has said that the U.S. has already secured “millions of doses.” 
TRENDPOST: Pfizer, already the lead seller of the COVID Jab, has contracts to supply other countries and expects paxlovid to add $5 billion to its yearly sales; its stock rose 11 percent on news of the new pill, whereas Merck’s stock price fell; see “DRUG COMPANIES CASHING IN ON COVID” (11 May 2021); “MORE COVID JABS, MORE BIG BUCKS FOR DRUG LORDS” (21 Sep 2021)
TRENDPOST: Why believe Pfizer? As we have reported in this and other Trends Journals, their “miracle vaccines,” are a fraction of the 96 percent efficacy which was sold to the public when they were launched last December. 
Yet, arrogant Presstitutes, “celebrities,” politicians and bureaucratic flunkies keep telling the people, schools, businesses and institutions to demand mandatory vaccinations… or “Do Not Enter.” (See, “CDC VAX FACTS: IS THE TRUTH BEING TOLD?” 3 Aug 2021; “VAX EFFECTIVENESS: LIARS LIE, THE NUMBERS DON’T,” 12 Oct 2021).
We also note the lack of efficacy of the COVID Jab in this week’s Trends Journal, See, “VET STUDY CONFIRMS: COVID JAB EFFICACY BS” 
TRENDPOST: Amidst all the fanfare over the “first oral drugs for COVID-19,” there’s hardly any mention of Ivermectin, the orally-administered anti-parasitic used widely in animals, but for which its discoverers received the Nobel Prize in 2015 for the drug’s success in treating river blindness and other parasitic diseases in humans. 
Ivermectin, with its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, has been shown to reduce deaths from COVID-19, as well as reducing severity of COVID-19 infections when taken early. Ivermectin is safe, commercially available and affordable (which means nobody stands to make billions of dollars from it). 
Sadly, like hydroxychloroquine (another safe, cheap drug shown to be effective against COVID-19), Ivermectin has been ridiculed and vilified in a concerted propaganda campaign carried out by the unholy alliance between government, the Drug Lords and the Presstitutes; see “WHY HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & IVERMECTIN ARE BEING OFFICIALLY SUPPRESSED” (11 May 2021).

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