As the old Bronx saying goes, “bullshit has its own sound.”
Go back to November/December 2020. 
Listen to the bullshit that the COVID Jabs had a 96 percent efficacy rate. 
And go back and listen to all the ‘health authorities,” comedy clown “celebrities” and Presstitutes sell how great the jabs are and how stupid you are for not getting one.
Now, as we reported in the Trends Journal, according to the Israeli Health Ministry, the efficacy rate has sunk to 39 percent. (See “THE DARK SIDES OF VAX, 24 August 2021)
Then go back to April of this year when the Drug Lords started selling the need to get booster shots. And now, as The Canadian Press reported on 25 September, with the COVID-19 booster shots now being approved and administered in many nations, the drug mob is cashing in big.  
Enriched by the money the politicians have stolen from the taxpayers who stupidly believe the “vax shots are free,” Pfizer and BioNTech drug dealers, for example, are forecast to rack up $26 billion in global sales next year from boosters alone. 
For Moderna, that figure will be about $14 billion if the boosters are approved for all Americans. Wall St. analysts’ predictions of Moderna’s 2022 revenue have increased by 35 per cent since Biden announced his booster shot plan. And while Moderna sells nothing other than COVID-19 vaccines, it expects to realize some $13 billion in total profits next year if the boosters are widely authorized.
For Pfizer and Moderna the boosters are far more profitable than their original doses, because all the research and development costs have already been covered. In fact, booster shot sales will amount to almost pure profit.
And despite the recovery rate of COVID being 99.997 percent for people aged one to 20 years of age, now that school children are required to be vaxxed in many countries, Pfizer expects the boosters to help drive its COVID-19 vaccine revenues to $33.5 billion.
Drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreens can also expect windfalls, if on a somewhat smaller scale. Those two look forward to more than $800 million each, aided by the fact that they may not face competition from mass-vaccination clinics this time, and all the customer information they’ve collected will facilitate inviting people to come in for boosters. 
Pfizer’s COVID revenues eclipse, many times over, the revenues from its Prevnar 13, formerly the world’s most lucrative vaccine, and those brought in by AbbVie’s Humira, regarded as the world’s best-selling drug.
In a related story, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was interviewed last week on ABC’s “This Week,” and predicted that, for much of the world, life would return to “normal” within a year.
 But “normal” doesn’t mean vaccinations will no longer be needed. On the contrary, Bourla said he expects variants to continue to appear, probably necessitating yearly vaccinations for everyone, in perpetuity. 
The notion of a need for any booster shot, and especially for annual booster shots, certainly flies in the face of the way the vaccines were originally touted to the public; again, we were all led to believe that the vaccines had a 96 percent efficacy rate and would be a one- or two-shot panacea, vanquishing the virus once and for all; see “MEDIA: GET JABBED, END THE COVID WAR” (13 Apr 2021). 
But it was too good to be true, and there was too much money to be made by keeping the COVID pot boiling. And we were warned: see, for example, “FAUCI DECLARES TWO COVID JABS NOT ENOUGH” (1 Jun 2021) and “VACCINES LOSE EFFECTIVENESS, MORE SHOTS NEEDED. HO-HUM” (3 Aug 2021).
Also last week, CDC director Rochelle Walensky overrode her agency’s advisory panel and authorized boosters for those in high-risk occupations and institutions, and concurred with the advisory panel in approving boosters at least six months after their original shots for older Americans and for adults with underlying conditions. 
TREND FORECAST: Just like the flu shots, a sizable number of fearful people will get a yearly COVID Vax shot. Furthermore, the drugmakers plan to develop vaccines that target particular variants of COVID-19, and people could be encouraged to get them annually, on the model of flu shots. Trends Journal reported in “DRUG COMPANIES CASHING IN ON COVID” (11 May 2021) that Pfizer considers COVID-19 as providing a “durable revenue stream.”

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