On 4 April, The New York Times continued the long-playing mainstream media war chant to frighten its readers to get vaccinated as the only way to deal with the coronavirus. The headline of the article speaks volumes: 
Rising Variants Imperil Return to Normal Life
Note the language: “Imperil.” “Normal life.” This, even though, as stated repeatedly in the Trends Journal, every virus evolves into new variants as part of nature’s course. In almost every case, the variant is less threatening than the original. (See our 9 March article, “MAINSTREAM MEDIA PUMPS UP NEW VACCINE STUDY;” our 2 March article, “HEALTH ‘EXPERTS’ SELLING COVID FEAR FOREVER;” and our 23 February article, “HEALTH “EXPERTS” CAUTION AGAINST ENDING NYC LOCKDOWN.”)
As we detailed a year ago when the coronavirus was making the news, politicians and the media across the globe said they were fighting the “COVID War.”
We noted that by labeling it a “War,” as history has proven, the obedient masses will follow their leaders and march off to war.
Indeed, our 28 April 2020 Trends Journal cover read:



And dumb they are. The 4 April New York Times article continues the media’s favorite analogy for the pandemic “War” when it writes: 
“In measurable ways, Americans are winning the war against the coronavirus. Powerful vaccines and an accelerating rollout all but guarantee an eventual return to normalcy—to backyard barbecues, summer camps and sleepovers. But it is increasingly clear that the next few months will be painful. So-called variants are spreading, carrying mutations that make the coronavirus both more contagious and, in some cases, more deadly.”
Again, note the psychological strategy here to pump up the efficacy of vaccines as the weapon winning the war and then injecting hyperbolic fear and anxiety by suggesting more deadly mutations are on the attack. 
The article continues:
“New variants have continued to pop up—in California one week, in New York and Oregon the next. As they take root, these new versions of the coronavirus threaten to postpone an end to the pandemic. Health officials acknowledge an urgent need to track these new viruses as they crawl across the United States. Already, B.1.1.7, the highly contagious variant that walloped Britain and is wreaking havoc in continental Europe, is rising exponentially in the United States.”
But contrary to The New York Times’ writing about “new versions of the coronavirus threaten to postpone and end to the pandemic,” the data clearly shows that the virus is weakening with fewer hospitalizations and deaths as evidenced in many media articles:

Infections Plummet in Nursing Homes

Everyday Health, 16 March

Los Angeles County coronavirus figures continue to decline

LA Times, 14 March

COVID-19 death forecasts decline

 The Hill, 9 March

Georgia continues to report zero new COVID-19 deaths 

The Augusta Chronicle, 28 March

New Reported U.S. COVID-19 Cases Fall

Wall Street Journal, 28 March

So, what is The New York Times hyperventilating about?
Its article continues:
“The world is caught in a sprint between vaccines and variants, and the shots eventually will win, scientists say. But because each infection gives the coronavirus a chance to evolve still further, vaccinations in the United States and elsewhere must proceed as fast as possible.”
And no media call for a continuing war against the COVID would be complete without a word from the Presstitutes’ and politicians’ anointed #1 infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who told The Times,
“Instead of a new vaccine against variants, however, it may be just as effective for Americans to receive a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna vaccines in six months to a year.”
Who’s to Blame?
According to a NYT article published on 5 April, titled, “How White Evangelicals’ Vaccine Refusal Could Prolong the Pandemic,” vaccine hesitancy “is fueled by broader cultural distrust of institutions and gravitation to online conspiracy theories.”
It’s important to note this purposeful conflating of an accurate fact that there is a “broader cultural distrust of institutions” with the unproven claim that the significant amount of vaccine hesitancy in the U.S. is the fault of conspiracy theorists or people that are labeled “conservatives.”
As reported in the Trends Journal, there are sensible, legitimate reasons to wait for more hard safety data before being injected with a never-before-tested vaccine that was rushed into circulation through the Emergency Use Authorization. (See our 30 March article, “ASTRAZENECA VACCINE DATA UNDER FIRE” and our 2 February article, “JOHNSON & JOHNSON VACCINE SHOWS MIXED RESULTS.”)
TRENDPOST: For those requiring proof that there are serious concerns about the COVID vaccinations, of the workers most vulnerable to allegedly getting get infected – healthcare workers in nursing homes – only 37.5 percent of them have taken up offers to be vaccinated. Indeed, with so many nursing home patients being vaccinated with a wide array of shots for various “medical” reasons, these frontline workers have witnessed firsthand the pros and cons of Big Pharma injections. 
On 14 March, the Wall Street Journal reported that despite healthcare workers overall being among the first to be offered the vaccines, only about 40 percent agreed to be injected.
And, as we have been reporting, many in the military are reluctant to get the COVID jab. Most recently, nearly 40 percent of U.S. Marines have refused to get shot of the COVID vaccine. 
We also noted the reluctance of others in the military to get vaccinated, noting that because the FDA has only approved the vaccine for emergency use, the Defense Department cannot make it mandatory for service members to get jabbed.
However, President Biden could issue a waiver, as several Democratic members of Congress have asked Biden to issue a “waiver of informed consent” that will force all U.S. military service members to get the jab. 

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