It doesn’t stop. Every day, mainstream media continues to pump out anxiety-ridden headlines.
Yesterday, the Financial Times blasted:

EU must prepare for ‘era of pandemics’

That’s correct, the European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, told the FT, “It’s an era of pandemics we are entering” and that plans are underway to fight emerging threats by working on adapting vaccines to fight them.
Last Wednesday’s New York Times headline shouted:

Variant Surges in California, and Threat is Unclear

“Era of pandemics,” “Variant Surges,” “Threat”… day after day, week after week, going on for over a year now, the greatest threat to planet earth is the virus. 
Air pollution that kills some 8.5 million every year and has been killing uncountable millions for centuries; trillions of tons of chemicals pumped in the ground, water and air; the pesticides, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives injected into the foods… none of it adds up to the devastation of the COVID War, according to the Presstitutes that keeps selling it and the politicians on a power trip that have launched it. 
Again, as Trends Journal subscribers, you know the facts of who is dying, the average ages, comorbidities, etc., which prove that the young and the healthy are rarely victims of the virus. 
Times of Fear
In their fear-spreading mania, The Times article cites two new studies revealing new strains of COVID are showing up. As stated numerous times in the Trends Journal, every virus naturally mutates. This is well-known by virologists along with the fact that in most cases, the mutations are less severe than the original strain. (See our 12 January article, “‘MUTANT’ STRAIN: DEADLY MEDIA HYPE & FEAR.”)
But The New York Times article describes the situation this way:
“A variant first discovered in California in December is more contagious than earlier forms of the coronavirus… fueling concerns that emerging mutants like this one could hamper the sharp decline in cases overall in the state and perhaps elsewhere.”
Note the phrases “could hamper” and “perhaps elsewhere.” In other words, the intention is to issue threatening warnings despite no scientific data to support that the threats are real.
The article continues with this quote from Dr. Charles Chiu, a virologist at the University of California San Francisco: “I wish I had better news to give you—that this variant is not significant at all. But unfortunately, we just follow the science.”
Follow the science? This statement doesn’t hold up, as evidenced by fact that the article goes on to point out,
“Neither study has yet been published in a scientific journal. And experts don’t know how much of a public health threat this variant poses compared with others that are also spreading in California.”
One of the slants the article takes is revealed when it notes that one of the studies referred to “hinted that the variant may be better than others at evading the immune system—and vaccines.”
Note the use of the verb “hinted.” Scientifically supported? No. Just “hinted.” 
While failing to mention anywhere in the article that the vaccines in circulation were released under the Emergency Use Authorization of the FDA and have only gone through only a short, two-month safety trial, the article again quotes virologist Dr. Chiu:
“If we can get enough people vaccinated, we will be able to deal with these variants simply because we won’t have ongoing transmission.”
TRENDPOST: As we have illustrated here, facts, science, and hard data don’t matter. Instead, the motivation of the NYT article, like so many other mainstream media reports, is to keep everyone afraid of the coronavirus, anxious over the new mutation strains, and quietly accepting continued lockdown restrictions while waiting to be saved by the heroic vaccines.

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