Kurt M.

The Trends Journal gave me my life back! I used to spend 20 hrs. a week getting the info myself. Now, I read the Journal in an hour and I’m current. It is well researched and well organized.

Jay S.

Subscriber to the Trends Journal for a few months now. Best investment of 2020. Thank you Gerald for giving us the facts and speaking the truth.

Linda R.

I’ve been very impressed with Mr. Celente all along, but now I believe Trends Journal is the only chance we have to navigate through these Orwellian days.

Ben D.

Celente is one of the greatest independent thinkers of our time. He’s been right from day one and consistently held to his position.

Anne A.

The best current events commentary anywhere online.

Ray C.

All I can say is ‘I love this guy’ – we need more people with balls to stand up against tyranny to get rid of the tyrants.

Thomas M.

The information provided in this newsletter is so incredible. Certainly not information being shared by the current press.

Elizabeth C.

I am a recent subscriber to the Trends Journal and I am very impressed with the breadth of information offered in each issue.

Sam O.

Watched gold many years… Mr. Celente is the best on price predictions.

Frank T.

Gerald, you are prominent among only a handful of voices of reason left.

Lee H.

Celente gives me more news in 20 mins. than all of mainstream media does in 6 months and that’s not a joke.”

Walt G.

Gerald is one of the first guys to call out Covid as a lie… he’s an American/worldwide hero.

Nick B.

You seem like the only person left who knows what’s going on.

Adam K.

Gerald, you are prominent among only a handful of voices of reason left.

Beth C.

Thank you for all of the honest reporting you provide.

Mark B.

You bring me hope with your words, Mr. Celente, if only more could listen.

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