Since the start of the COVID War, Australia’s state of New South Wales (largest city, Sydney) has, like its southern neighbor, Victoria (largest city, Melbourne), imposed upon its residents some of the most repressive, draconian and tyrannical restrictions in the guise of protecting the public health; see, for example, “COVID CLAMPDOWNS IN AUSTRALIA: NO RIGHT TO RIGHTS” (9 Sep 2020) and “KNOCK, KNOCK: IT’S THE COVID POLICE. DEATH CAMPS NEXT?” (3 Aug 2021).
No Vax, No Freedom
Now comes word, as reported 27 September by The New Daily, that NSW is now on track for a return to “normalcy,” based on projections for meeting its goals for fully vaccinated coverage. The first stage of a three-stage plan calls for 70 percent of residents to be fully vaccinated, and that goal is expected to be reached on 11 October. The second stage, at 80 percent coverage, is expected to kick in around 25 October.
At each stage, restrictions will be lifted and “freedoms will be restored.” However, those “freedoms” are not for everyone. In fact, Deputy Premier John Barilaro has stated that individuals who choose not to be vaccinated “will lose their freedoms” on 11 October. 
Nor will the unvaccinated regain their freedoms on 25 October; on that date travel restrictions will lift, as will limits on the number of people permitted to gather in private homes and in public, and there will be greater access to theaters, shops, hairdressers etc., but only for the vaccinated. Gathering limits will be lifted for weddings, funerals and religious services, but only the religious services will be open to the unvaccinated.
At 80 percent, vaccinated workers will have the choice of continuing to work from home, if practical; the unvaccinated will have no such choice. Not until the third stage, expected to be reached on 1 December, by which time 92 to 93 percent of the adult population is expected to have been fully vaccinated, will unvaccinated persons be released from their status as second-class citizens (and perhaps cease to be vilified); see “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IS DEAD. EDITOR DEMANDS ANTI-VAXXERS ARE ‘RUBBISHED’ FROM PAPER” (27 Jul 2021).
TRENDPOST: Just as the digital world has destroyed the soul of music that once had humans playing instruments, so too has the God of Nature and Natural healing been destroyed by the god of science that politicians, Presstitutes and the general public now worship. 
Thus, the mass majority believe only vaccination—not getting in the best spiritual, mental and physical health—will win the COVID War. 
And, totally ignored in the COVID War coverage by the Presstitutes is, for example, that as of 27 September, NSW, with a population of some 8.2 million, just 363 citizens died of the virus. That equals 0.00443 of the population. And over the course of 18 months, there were just 0.000246 percent virus deaths per month!
That’s it… a nothing number, yet, little political freaks who look like comic book clowns dictate their demands to the general public and the masses obey while those who march for Freedom are brutally beaten, arrested and heavily fined. 

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