As we have long forecast, Journalism in the “free world” is dead, (See “Slaughter in the Newsroom.”)
To exemplify how low it can go, last Wednesday Rebel News posted a video that further exemplifies how far the once imagined “noble” profession of Journalism has sunk.
The video exposes leaked footage of Barclay Crawford, Editor of The Daily Mail Australia (which Rebel News points out is “one of the world’s most visited English news sites”) addressing his reporters in an internal video meeting, and giving them instructions on how to conduct their reporting about anyone that dare question the efficacy of the COIVD Jab, and/or refusing to get the Drug Lords shot. 
“Make sure your stories are rubbishing their ridiculous claims,” Crawford tells his crew, whom he also praises as being “all champions.” (Champions of what? Even-handedness? Professional Detachment? Absence of Malice? Journalistic Integrity?) 
“It’s extraordinary,” Crawford says, “how many intelligent, otherwise well-educated people are spreading this, this disease, really, out there in the community…Just remember, with these stories, always, if we’re doing something that is airing anti-vaxxer views, make sure we’re also dismissing them in the story.”
It seems clear that when Crawford speaks of “this disease,” he’s not referring to the virus but rather to the “disease” of daring to question the pro-vaccine narrative. To see and hear how low the media has sunk, listen to Presstitute Barclay Crawford who gets paid to put out by his corporate pimp and government whore masters, click here.
TREND FORECAST: Again, we have written scores of articles detailing the death of Journalism. For example, we had noted how the mainstream media, according to Fair and Accuracy in reporting, blackballed those opposing the Iraq War and banned information that proved U.S. President George W. Bush and his gang were proven liars in their claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. (See, Networks Are Megaphones for Official Views)
Going back to our 1 December 2016 Trends Journal, The Fourth Estate: RIP, true journalism in the United States and around the world is dead.
And as we reported in the 29 June 2021 Trends Journal, “U.S. INTEREST, TRUST IN MEDIA ON THE WANE,”  we note the current reality of an “Un-Free” press and the public’s disgust with the corporate media to emphasize that there has never been a better time in recent history for a true mainstream media network. It is an OnTrendpreneur® opportunity of the century. 

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