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The Trends Journal has been reporting extensively on the Delta variant and how so-called “health officials” will use it to keep selling fear. (SEE: “DELTA VARIANT=GLOBAL HYSTERIA,” “VARIANTS FORCE NEW RESTRICTIONS IN ISRAEL,” and “DELTA VARIANT THROWS NEW OBSTACLE IN WAY OF EU RECOVERY.”)
But now there actually seems to be something to be worried about. It is now documented that the people tasked with solving the COVID-19 issue are so completely lost that they have to hide new findings about the virus.
The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conveniently left out the data that supported its call for vaccinated individuals to wear masks while indoors. 
In an effort to cover up the inefficacy of the COVID Jab, the CDC. released the internal documents that revealed fully vaccinated people who come down with the virus can spread the infection to others at the same rate as those who are unvaccinated. 
The C.D.C. said health officials need to “acknowledge the war has changed” due to the Delta variant. (SEE: “HAVE THE ARCHITECTS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY?” and “CRUCIAL COVID DATA IGNORED BY PRESSTITUTES.”)
The Delta variant is being sold as one of the most contagious respiratory illnesses ever documented and is as infectious as chickenpox. As we have detailed in this Trends Journal, for example, three-quarters of those who caught the Delta variant in Providence, Rhode Island were fully vaccinated. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the group carried about the same viral load.
CDC head Dr. Rochelle Walensky said evidence now suggests that the Delta variant is transmissible by those fully vaccinated. 
The Times and Washington Post both obtained copies of the CDC data that said scientists are even more concerned now that those unvaccinated will be all the more hesitant to take the jabs since the findings show its ineffectiveness. 
Regardless of the findings, President Biden has been more assertive in getting Americans to sign up for the shots and now said all federal workers must take the vaccine or face weekly tests. 
The Pentagon said in a statement last week that it is considering mandating the vaccine in the military. The Biden administration has faced some blowback from some unions, including the top postal workers union, that said it would not be in favor of mandatory vaccines.
Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a research scientist at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, told The Times, “Vaccines are like hip waders. They keep you dry if you wade through a river, but get too deep and water will start pouring in over the top.”
The report also raised questions about just how realistic it is to achieve herd immunity. The Times’ report pointed to San Francisco, where 70 to 75 percent of those over 12 have been fully vaccinated.
The Times reported that one doctor from a hospital in the city recalled seeing one patient on 1 June, and was under the impression that San Francisco might have gotten over the hump. But he said there were more and more patients and now 15 are in ICUs.
“If getting to 70 or 75 percent immunity doesn’t protect the community, I think it’s very hard to extrapolate what happens to a place that is 30 percent vaccinated. Humility may be the most important thing here,” he said.
Matthew Seeger, a communication expert at Wayne State University, told the Post that health officials may have oversold the vaccines to the public. 
“We’ve done a great job of telling the public these are miracle vaccines,” he said. “We have probably fallen a little into the trap of over-reassurance, which is one of the challenges of any crisis communication circumstance.”
TRENDPOST: The “miracle vaccines,” as we have reported in this and other Trends Journals, are a fraction of the 96 percent efficacy which was sold to the public when they were launched last December. 
Yet, arrogant Presstitutes, “celebrities,” politicians and bureaucratic flunkies keep telling the people, schools, businesses and institutions to demand mandatory vaccinations… or “Do Not Enter.” 
And, the big hype spreading across the U.S. mainstream media is that there were 671 deaths, which was well above the seven-day average of 265. Absent their so called “reporting” is that the number, as we detailed in the article, ‘300 PERCENT’ JUMP IN U.S. COVID DEATHS = CALCULATED LIE, the “alleged” virus death number are tiny, compared to the 4,000 plus that were dying in from it this past January.

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