None of this comes as a “shock” or surprise to Trends Journal subscribers. Last week it was announced that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness has declined from 86 percent to 43 percent because the neutralizing ability of the jab was up to four times less effective against the Omicron variant.
Researchers at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center conducted a study focused on individuals who have had two jabs and those who received a third shot. 
The study found that those with two jabs had no neutralizing ability against the new variant. (See “BIDEN’S BOOSTER PLAN: VAX YOU!,”  “SELLING BOOSTER SHOTS, CDC’S WALENSKY SAYS ‘FU’ TO AGENCY ADVISERS,” “THE VAX/BOOSTER MARKET: DRUG DEALER ON PARADE” and “GOVERNMENTS HAWKING COVID BOOSTER SHOT.”)
Indeed, go back to Trends Journal articles about how the power of the COVID-19 vaccines to protect against the virus fades over time; see, for example, “ISRAEL: COVID DRUG MUCH LESS EFFECTIVE THAN WHAT WE’VE BEEN SOLD” (27 Jul 2021). 
And the news gets worse and worse.
Even the Cartoon News Network, CNN, reported on 6 October, that two studies—one from Israel, one from Qatar—published in the New England Journal of Medicine, indicate that the protection from two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine diminishes significantly after a mere two months.
That’s correct.  Get the Jab and it is only good, maybe, for 60 days!
The Qatar study showed that the Pfizer vaccine’s protection peaks a month after the second dose, and wanes gradually until, after about 4 months, when it fades more rapidly, to about a low of about 20 percent. 
TRENDPOST: Pfizer hasn’t disputed that its vaccine’s protection wanes; rather, the company has used that to promote the need for booster shots 6 months or so after the second COVID shot. 
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises those at high risk of infection (like health care workers) as well as those vulnerable to serious illness if infected, to get boosters. In “DRUG LORDS’ VAX BOOM BOOMING” (8 Jun 2021) we reported that booster shots have been a big part of Pfizer’s plans to keep supplying the world with a steady stream of COVID vaccines through at least 2023. 
The entire notion of vaccine-induced immunity was predicated on the claim that the vaccines were long-lasting and conferred 96 percent protection. Now, the CDC tells us, the rate of people getting booster shots exceeds the rate of those being vaccinated for the first time.
Fast Forward
Last week, Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, the director of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit at Sheba, said it was “worrisome” that those who have two jabs—once the gold standard—had no neutralization ability, The Jerusalem Post reported. These declines in effectiveness seem to be consistent. A study in South Africa showed the vaccine could be up to 40 times less effective against the variant.
Sharon Alroy-Preis, the head of public health services at the Israeli Health Ministry, said in a recent interview that the studies prove that getting the third shot could save lives, and her department is considering asking individuals to take their third dose as soon as three months after they received their second.
The variant, although considered more contagious than previous strains, seems to pack less of a punch than its older siblings. As noted, the United Kingdom on Monday recorded its first death of a patient with the variant.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is doing what he can to cover-up his lies for holding a Christmas party in 2020 when he locked down the nation and forbade such gatherings (See article “U.K., FU: COVID RULES FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME” in this Trends Journal) has put the nation on fear alert. 
Despite the hard facts of the Omicron being less severe than the original coronavirus or the Delta strain, Johnson said, “I think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus, that’s something we need to set on one side and just recognize the sheer pace at which it accelerates through the population.” 
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla remarked on 9 November he believes the protection afforded by the booster shots will “last for a year,” after which annual booster shots will be likely. 
TREND FORECAST: We’ll be seeing more and more rationales presented for the Drug Dealers’ “Vaccines for Everyone, in Perpetuity” agenda. The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children 5 to 11 yrs. old, despite their risks being statistically minuscule; see “DRUG DEALERS: GET KIDS VACCINATED” (23 Mar 2021) and “JAB KIDS WHO WON’T DIE OF THE VIRUS: THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE VAX BUSINESS” (9 Nov 2021). 
The Omicron variant is a reminder that governments want to jab first—and then ask questions later. 
Pfizer’s CEO divulged the long-term plan when he said that his company considered COVID-19 a “durable revenue stream”; see “NO LETUP IN SURGE OF VAX BIZ REVENUES” (3 Aug 2021).

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