Unlike the majority of vaccines that have been developed to cope with childhood diseases, the data has been clear for some time that children are not nearly as vulnerable to COVID as adults.
Indeed, we have reported these facts since the COVID War was launched last March. See our November 17 articles:
This hasn’t stopped the multi-billion-dollar drug dealers, i.e., the pharmaceutical industry, from aggressively marketing the need for children to get vaccinated.
As Bloomberg News reported on 15 March:
“Children have fared better than adults in the coronavirus pandemic, a fact that makes the development of vaccines for them a unique effort in the annals of medical science.”
A “unique effort”? It’s important to note that if it were so important, why were so few children involved in the safety trial periods for the current vaccines? As Bloomberg stated, “While Pfizer had around 40,000 in its adult studies, it is testing a far smaller number in its trial in children: just 2,300.”
According to Bloomberg, a 4 March report by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed,
“Almost 3.2 million children have tested positive for COVID-19 in 49 states that report cases by age. But at a time when more than a half-million COVID-related deaths have been reported in the U.S., only about 250 children have died in the 43 states that track mortality by age.”
TRENDPOST: The children’s death rate is a minuscule 0.008 percent, and, as reported by the CDC, the virus recovery rate for people aged 1-20 is 99.997 percent. Moreover, the CDC’s data, published on its website, shows that in the 2019-2020 flu season, 188 children died from the flu (compared to 250 from COVID).
As the Mayo Clinic reported on 23 February, “Most kids who are infected [by COVID-19] typically don’t become as sick as adults.” 
And confirmed by Dr. Michael Hefferon, assistant professor in the pediatrics department at Queen’s University in Ontario, COVID-19 is “a disease of adults, and the older you get, the more sinister it is. Therefore, children are less relevant.”
Dr. Hefferon saw no valid reason to vaccinate kids:
“If you take it that grandma and grandpa are going to be vaccinated on a mass scale under present plans, why vaccinate children? That’s kind of a moral dilemma to be considered.”
Drug Deal
Only in America do drug companies have such an influential role in what Dr. Hefferon cites as a “moral dilemma.” (See our article from last week, “BRITS CALL AMERICAN DRUG ADS ‘POST-APOCALYPTIC.’”
Dr. Hefferon made it very clear: “The question shouldn’t just be can you inoculate children safely and effectively, but also why you’re doing it.”
Ignoring the data, billion-dollar drug companies, aided and abetted by many mainstream doctors, are pushing hard for kids to get jabbed with a vaccine, which, in addition to bypassing normal length safety trials, barely tested any children at all. Yet, Bloomberg reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics is on board the “get children vaccinated” express:
“In a Feb. 25 letter to the White House and top U.S. health officials, the group’s president, Lee Savio Beers, wrote that having a COVID-19 vaccine for children ‘is essential for our nation to end the pandemic.’ And she added, ‘We cannot allow children to be an afterthought when they have shared so much burden throughout this pandemic.’”
Drug companies and their medical cheerleaders are also pushing hard to get teenagers aged 12-17 vaccinated. This, even though, according to data from the American Council on Science on Health, during the first four months of the pandemic, the percentage of deaths among 5- to 14-year-olds was 0.013 percent, and the percentage among 14- to 25-year-olds was only 0.1 percent. 
The updated data is just as telling. The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) published a report last Wednesday that stated, “In fact, preliminary data suggest COVID accounted for barely 1.2% of all deaths in the under-25 age group.”
(For more essential data from the AIER report, see our article in this issue, “MORE KIDS DIE FROM SUICIDE THAN COVID.”)
One of those pushing hard for getting teenagers vaccinated is Dr. Robert Frenck, director of the Vaccine Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a principal investigator for the Pfizer trial. Dr. Frenck said,
“For children 12 years of age and up, there will be a vaccine available before the next school year. Just looking at the timelines, it’s probably more likely the end of 2021 to early 2022 for younger kids, but maybe it’ll go a little faster than that.”
And, as Bloomberg reports,
“Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Inc., and the Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech SE partnership are all making fast progress in trials in children ages 12 to 15 at a time when mitigation measures are slipping and a new school year is just six months away.”

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