The Wall Street Journal reports, on 10 November, that Pfizer-BioNTech has asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve its COVID-19 booster shots for persons as young as 18 yrs. old, thus expanding the booster shot market to include all adults.
In September the FDA approved Pfizer’s boosters for persons over 65 or otherwise at greater risk because of medical conditions, living conditions or occupation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since the FDA first approved booster shots more than 24 million Americans have received the extra jabs, of which more than 14 million were from Pfizer. 
Pfizer’s request for FDA approval is based in part on a recent study of more than 10,000 persons 16 yrs. old and older, conducted while the Delta variant was prevalent; it found the booster shot 95.6 percent effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19. 
TRENDPOST: Wait a minute! Weren’t the original COVID vaccines sold to us, back in late 2020, on the premise that they were 96 percent effective? Somehow, that level of protection was short-lived; see “CDC’S 3 NEW VAX EFFECTIVENESS STUDIES = BIG LIE” (24 Aug 2021) and “VAX EFFECTIVENESS: LIARS LIE, THE NUMBERS DON’T” (12 Oct 2021). 
The WSJ reports that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla remarked on 9 November he believes the protection afforded by the booster shots will “last for a year,” after which annual booster shots will be likely. 
TREND FORECAST: We’ll be seeing more and more rationales presented for the Drug Dealers’ “Vaccines for Everyone, in Perpetuity” agenda. The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children 5 to 11 yrs. old, despite their risks being statistically minuscule; see “DRUG DEALERS: GET KIDS VACCINATED” (23 Mar 2021); “JAB KIDS WHO WON’T DIE OF THE VIRUS: THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE VAX BUSINESS” (9 Nov 2021). 
Next, look for a resurgence of the dreaded Delta variant and the advent of winter (because contagion is facilitated by people spending more time indoors) to justify the need for more boosters for more people. 
Pfizer’s CEO divulged the long-term plan when he said that his company considered COVID-19 a “durable revenue stream”; see “NO LETUP IN SURGE OF VAX BIZ REVENUES” (3 Aug 2021).

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