We’ll drink to that. 
Scientists from Shenzhen Kangning Hospital and Southwest Hospital in China have found that certain quantities of red wine, white wine, and champagne may reduce an individual’s risk of contracting COVID-19.
The study was based on 473,957 subjects from a U.K. Biobank database. The average age was 69. The groups were divided up into drinking categories ranging from non-drinker to heavy drinkers. The study found that red wine—at any level of consumption—could play a protective role in preventing COVID-19 infection.
The researchers found that beer or cider intake contributed to a heightened risk of COVID-19 infection, “regardless of the frequency and amount of alcohol intake.” These drinkers saw their risk of COVID infection increase 28 percent compared to teetotalers. Those who enjoy spirits also saw their risk of infection jump compared to nondrinkers.
The study was first published in Frontiers in Nutrition and found that individuals who consumed five or more glasses of red wine each week were up to 17 percent less likely to contract the virus compared to nondrinkers. (See “THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM,” “OBESITY GROWS IN STATES WHERE AT LEAST 35 PERCENT ARE CONSIDERED OBESE” and “COVID-19 & OBESITY: THE MORE YOU WEIGH, THE WORSE OFF YOU ARE.”)
The Daily Record reported that scientists believe that red wine’s high polyphenol content, which can inhibit the flu and other respiratory ailments may play a role. The report pointed out that white wine and champagne had to be imbibed at levels above the recommended levels for safe consumption to be effective in preventing the virus.
“The COVID risk appears to vary across different alcoholic beverage subtypes, frequency, and amount. Red wine, white wine, and champagne have the chance to reduce the risk of COVID-19,” the study said.
TRENDPOST: As Gerald Celente, a Warrior for the Prince of Peace says, “If Jesus Christ turned jugs of water into wine, you know it has to be the great drink of a lifetime.” 
And Celente, who has a few glasses of vino a day with lunch and dinner, has been COVID-free for two years… despite having massive Freedom Festivals and attending large meetings unmasked, and unvaxxed.

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