Spain, a country where about 81 percent of its population is fully vaccinated from the coronavirus, has seen a jump in cases and regional governments have announced new measures to slow the spread. 
The Omicron variant, which has killed no one in Spain, has been identified in the Catalonia region and Madrid last week in travelers that were fully vaxxed who returned from South Africa. The government in Catalonia has implemented a COVID-19 “passport” for the first time, following the lead from other European countries. (See “FRENCH VAX PASS PROTEST ESCALATE. MOST MEDIA IGNORES THEM, LIES ABOUT SIZE,” “ITALIANS TAKE TO THE STREETS TO RAIL AGAINST WORKPLACE ‘GREEN PASS,” and “DUTCH PROTESTERS FIGHT BACK AGAINST ‘CORONA PASS.’”)
The passport will be required for those over the age of 13 at restaurants, care homes, gyms, and other venues, El País reported. The country’s 14-day infection rate was about 234 per 100,000 people as of last Thursday. The country of 47.35 million loses about 30 people per day to the virus. 
Salvador Illa, Spain’s former health minister, said most of the country has shown a willingness to follow recommendations from elected leaders. The New York Times reported that the vaccines in Spain were not as politicized as in other countries and many politicians took their jabs with “fanfare.” (See “CELEBRITY SELLOUTS SELL COVID VAX.”) 
A NYT reporter described just how compliant Spaniards have been when it comes to COVID-19 guidelines. 
“Walk the streets of Spain and one encounters a different Europe from the norm on much of the continent. Masks are not only worn indoors, but are worn outdoors by residents in many cities where the government has not required them for months,” he wrote. 
We have pointed out that not all masks are created equal. The ubiquitous blue surgical mask is believed to create a barrier between the wearer and another person. The mask is meant to help block “large-particle droplets,” according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The coronavirus is known to drift through the air in microscopic droplets that could fit through surgical masks like a sesame seed being tossed against a chain-linked fence. 
Journalist Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter who has been researching a number of COVID-19 claims by mainstream media, stated last year that a Danish study regarding mask effectiveness was impressive given it included thousands of participants. Berenson said it “essentially showed that wearing masks does not protect the wearer at all from the coronavirus… It was a very, very well- designed study. Frankly, if a drug company had a drug in trials that had this trial result, they would discontinue the drug. There is just no evidence that masks protect the wearer.” 
TRENDPOST: Mask mandates are being ramped up across the globe, especially in nations where winter is setting in. Last week the bureaucrats running the Oregon Health Authority announced they are considering a permanent indoor mask mandate in the state.  
Again, it is totally out of the mainstream news and never mentioned by the “authorities” in charge of ruling people’s lives that most masks are not only ineffective in stopping the virus, wearing them, and often the same one, can be harmful.  
The Trends Journal has reported extensively on how wearing masks offers the wearer a false sense of security. (See “FACE MASKS: ENOUGH ALREADY,” “STUDY: MASKS HARMING CHILDREN,” “DANISH STUDY: MASKS OFFER VERY LIMITED PROTECTION”).  
What is also absent from the media, as we had detailed, is that the getting the virus in a restaurant and bar, according to New York State data, accounted for 1.43 percent of the COVID-19 cases.  
Mask Stupidity  
And to further illustrate the mask in restaurant stupidity, it is OK to sit down and eat with the mask off, but when standing up the mask has to go back on. Why? Because according to the imbeciles in charge, the virus does not, cannot and will not dip down to table height. It will only hit a patron when they stand up, and that’s why they must mask-up.  
The same with masks on airlines. Crammed in an airplane shoulder to shoulder, it is OK to eat and drink without a mask, but they MUST go back on after eating or drinking. Why, because the idiots-in-charge have determined that that’s when the virus will get you. And, it NEVER enters between sips and bites either.   
TRENDPOST: With Spain having an 81 percent vax rate, what ever happened to herd immunity that was sold to the public? Indeed, America’s most quoted “infectious disease expert” Anthony Fauci said last year that “When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent.”  
And yesterday, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put Portugal, with 87.7 percent of the herd vaxxed, at Level 4, the highest-risk of a place not to travel. 
In fact, as we have reported, the herd cannot be immunized: See, “HERD IMMUNITY HERESY: LIES AND DAMN LIES” and NO HERD IMMUNITY FOR THE HERD.”  

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