Go back to 2 December 2020 when America’s most trusted highly touted infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, declared that America would reach herd immunity when 70 percent of the nation got the COVID jab. 
However, in our 3 August Trends Journal we wrote that “Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, Director of Public Health Services in Israel said “…we are seeing about 50 percent of the people who are infected right now are vaccinated, fully vaccinated individuals. And so that is obviously of concern.”
We noted this to further illustrate the uncertainty of herd immunity which we detailed in our 3 August Trends Journal article, “CDC: VAX FACTS: IS THE TRUTH BEING TOLD?”, that there were 469 COVID cases reported in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, which includes the hot tourist destination, Provincetown. 
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of those cases, some 75 percent were fully vaccinated. And in the county overall, an estimated 76 percent of people have received at least one COVID shot.
However, not a peep from the Presstitutes of not only how ineffective the vaccine might be, but also the fallacy of herd immunity. 
No Herd Hardly Heard
Now there is more proof of the improbability of reaching herd immunity by mass vaccinating the human herd… but again, it was barely reported.
That’s the conclusion of Sir Andrew Pollard, which he shared at a U.K. parliamentary meeting on 10 August (which was reported the following day by Business Insider)… the herd cannot get immunized by getting the virus jab.
The developer of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a professor of pediatric infection and immunity at Oxford University, told the parliamentarians that it is “not a possibility” that herd immunity will ever be achieved, now that the Delta strain is in circulation. 
He cited the growing evidence that, with the Delta variant, even fully vaccinated persons can still transmit or catch the virus (see the 27 July item, “THE VAX NOT WORKING?”). On the bright side, however, they are claiming that vaccines are effective at limiting the severity of the illness; vaccinated people who test positive are 25 times less likely to have a severe case or die. The overwhelming majority will have mild symptoms, if they have any symptoms at all. 
What About the Next Variant?
But Pollard raised the specter that the next variant to emerge, and any subsequent ones, will be even better able to circumvent the protection afforded by vaccination, and the unvaccinated will always be susceptible.
It had been hoped that COVID-19 would be like measles, which, in the U.S. and elsewhere, has been all but eradicated after 95 percent of the population was vaccinated against it. But measles and the measles vaccines behave differently from COVID; once vaccinated, one can no longer transmit measles. 
Such is not the case with COVID, as is being experienced right now, for example, in Israel [see article in this very issue of Trends Journal], where the Delta variant accounts for a surge in cases despite some 80 percent of adults having been vaccinated.
TREND FORECAST: With the reality that regardless of how many people are vaccinated there will be no herd immunity, governments will push for yearly COVID booster shots for people of all ages. These mandates, which will continue to rob the un-vaxed of many freedoms, will in turn escalate anti-establishment movements as we have detailed in this and previous Trends Journals. 

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