Protesters across Europe took to the streets last weekend to voice outrage over the latest COVID-19 lockdown restrictions intended to prevent the spread of the virus.
AUSTRIA: Carrying signs reading “I will decide for myself,” and “Make Austria Great Again,” about 40,000 mostly peaceful protesters took to the streets in Vienna on Saturday to reject the country’s controversial vaccine mandate and strict new lockdown plans.
The country has seen a recent decline in COVID-19 cases and government officials credit the new lockdown order that bans residents from leaving their home unless they are headed to work or are out shopping for essential items.
Karl Nehammer, the country’s new chancellor, took office on Monday. Reuters pointed out that he has previously served as interior minister and “was the enforcer of then-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s hard line on immigration and of four national lockdowns.”
The report said police detained a few protesters and used pepper spray when others pointed fireworks in their direction.
“I am here because I am against forced vaccinations,” a protester told Reuters. “I am for human rights, and the violation of human rights should be stopped.” Another protester said they were out to “protect their children from being forced to get vaccinated… since the elderly and those suffering from pre-existing comorbidities are dying from the virus…and not youngsters.”
Austrians who refuse the Operation Warp Speed COVID Jab will get hit with a 600-euro ($677) fine, according to a draft law. And, according to Austrian newspaper, Kurier, the longer those who refuse the vaccine, the more it will cost them, with fines up to 2,400 euros a year.
TRENDPOST: The “responsible ones” are embraced. The line being sold is those who cared about grandma since the beginning of the virus outbreak wore masks and then got vaccinated because. Why? We have been told (lied to?) that’s the best way to protect others and yourself. (See “ANTHONY FAUCI’S UNSCIENTIFIC MANIFESTO” and “THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN A TIME OF MORAL AND SPIRITUAL BLACKOUT.” )
NETHERLANDS: Thousands of protesters held a rally on Saturday in Utrecht to voice their concerns over vaccine mandates and the isolation of the unvaccinated from society.
“We are against having no freedom (to decide what happens to) our own body,” one protester told Reuters.
Amsterdam called for a partial lockdown last month due to high levels of coronavirus infections. The Associated Press reported that part of the restriction is a 5 p.m. curfew for stores and other venues that are not selling essential items.
Some protests have been tense over the past year in the Netherlands. Last month, Dutch police opened fire on protesters, putting three into hospitals. (See “VAX WAR: THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD.”)
The Dutch government announced on Monday that it will not impose new restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated. The report said the country made the decision based on political headwinds and “uncertainties surrounding the Omicron variant.”
TREND FORECAST: These massive demonstrations that are barely reported by the mainstream media, are just the beginning of a major march to Freedom… a shot that will be heard around the world. And, as we had forecast, new anti-vax, anti-establishment movements are now rapidly accelerating.
GERMANY: Police in Frankfurt used batons and pepper spray to break up a maskless demonstration that included several hundred protesters.
Some of the protesters said the government’s COVID-19 overreach “smacked of Nazi-era intimidation,” Reuters reported. 
The country of 83.2 million has recorded 103,235 coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the outbreak. The report said that the country is recording 56,000 new infections a day and about 199 deaths.
BELGIUM: COVID COPS in Brussels used water cannons and teargas to break up anti-lockdown protesters who marched through the capital chanting “freedom” while firing fireworks, according to a report.
The Guardian reported that police officials in the city were prepared for the unrest and used barbed wire to prevent protesters from reaching the EU headquarters on Sunday. In total, two police officers and four protesters required hospitalization, the report said. Twenty people were arrested.
The report said the protesters slammed the country’s mask mandate, vaccine passports, and lockdowns. Like the Germans, protesters equated the treatment of the unvaccinated to Berlin’s treatment of Jews prior to WWII.
“The QR code is a Swastika,” one sign read, according to the Guardian.
The protest followed a recent announcement that stiffened COVID-19 restrictions due to an increase in cases throughout the country. 
Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Friday announced that primary schools will close a week early for the Christmas holiday and children as young as six will have to wear face masks, according to The Associated Press. 
The report said the country has been recording about 17,862 new cases a day and hospital admissions are up six percent from last week. As of Monday, more than 3,700 people are hospitalized, including 821 in intensive care, the report said. The country of 11 million has recorded 27,000 deaths since the start of the outbreak.
UK: Thousands of demonstrators gathered in York on Saturday for a “freedom protest” in front of York Minster, chanting “No vaccine passports! No vaccine passports!”
SPAIN: Tens of thousands took to the streets in Barcelona, in protest against COVID-19 vaccine passports that are required as of Friday to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, nursing homes, etc.  
TREND FORECAST: The more stringent the restrictions that deny the unvaxxed freedom, the larger and more frequent the protest. Again, as we had forecast since the outbreak of the COVID War, there will be new anti-vax, populist movements that will sweep across the globe that will overthrow many of the political establishment parties.

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