By Richard Gale and Gary Null, PhD
“Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion is weak, men mistake medicine for magic.”

Thomas Szasz, The Second Sin, 1973

For those who have managed to hold onto a thread of sanity amidst our government’s surreal handling of the SARS-2 frenzy, Szasz’s quote drills down into the dark basement of the medical fantasies, fabrications, and deceptions. This is misinformation now being preached from the pulpits at the CDC, NIAID, the World Health

Organization, and presidencies throughout the developed world.

Perhaps the most mistaken magic at this moment is the promise about Covid-19 vaccines: the repeated mantra that the science is now sealed that they are safe and effective.  We are harangued that unless we get vaccinated the virus will continue to spread.

Those who refuse are threats to public health safety.  In light of the actual evidence, this is voodoo medicine at its worst. It is the paragon of pseudoscience and “woo.” It also illustrates our health officials’ callous disregard towards every citizen—old, young, ill or pregnant.  And this stubborn unsound belief has reached criminal proportions. 

Indeed, every effort should be made to investigate and evaluate the available medical science before slipping into either of the two opposing camps; those embracing irrational conspiracy theories and those adhering to official medical magic. We must also take into account the real-life empirical evidence and professional accounts of physicians in the field.

Of course, not all conspiracy theories are false. The US government’s Tuskegee syphilis experiment was a conspiracy as was the CDC’s intentional whitewashing of its own research showing a vaccine-autism association. In an earlier investigation we enumerated many documented examples of the CDC’s malfeasance. Now the agency’s manipulation and falsification of research and data convinces us that the CDC and its sibling health agencies no longer warrant the public’s trust. 

The current conspiracy theories about the SARS-2 virus as well as the governments’ response raise very legitimate concerns about the emergence of a growing conspiratorial fundamentalism. Such conspiratorial thinking is largely based upon uncritical a priori assumptions that everything issued from the medical establishment is an orchestrated sedition to wrestle democratic control, personal freedoms and civil liberties away from citizens. 

There are other alternative explanations to be weighed. For example, it might simply be the case that those leaders calling the shots are horribly delusional and have forgotten the basic principles of every science course they took in college.

Medicine has been hijacked by these entitled authorities. Medical fundamentalism, now being endorsed by Anthony Fauci at the NIAID, the CDC’s Rachel Wolensky, Bill Gates and the World Health Organization, refuses to budge from its zealous, religious-like love affair in the value of its own research; similar to a vicious feedback loop, their biases reconfirm and strengthen a vested authoritarian control over the narrative.

What both sides fail to realize is that each is empowering and inflaming the other. Unfounded conspiratorial illusions, such as those being promulgated by trackers of invisible Illuminati and pedophile cartels, as well as the inquisitional dogma of the government’s medical fundamentalism, contaminate the discourse and narrative. Both are equally destructive repudiations of the fundamental basis for how science reaches plausible facts. 

In Washington, the widely accepted methods of scientific inquiry, including inductive and deductive reasoning, have been mauled by the political and economic agendas of conquest and rule in the name of “science.” Its odor is reminiscent of the stench that wafted through the halls of science during the Stalinist era in the USSR.

This fanatical frenzy has more in common with a crusade’s “god on our side” marching orders than objective scientific investigation. Its anti-evidence-based platitudes are grist for the mill to feed carefully massaged statistics, such as Covid infection cases and adverse vaccine reactions, to a thoroughly compromised media, particularly the armies of irresponsible journalists at the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and NPR, BBC and the Guardian, and the Daily Beast. 

Over the course of the pandemic we have been at loggerheads to make rational sense about the outright stupidity that infects our federal health agencies. It is not always easy to distinguish between intentional malice from simple blind ignorance and gross ineptitude, even among the most highly intelligent and professional people. 

American medical science has failed to evolve beyond the scientific fundamentalism launched by Thomas Huxley in the mid-19th century.  Huxley, famously known as Darwin’s bulldog, is properly regarded as the father of a growing aberration within the biological sciences that he termed “the Church Scientific” or what today is known as Scientism. Scientism is a dogmatic form of scientific materialism taken to a radical and farcical extreme. It might best be defined as an “excessive belief in the power or value of science.”  It is also a form of secular imperialism or expansionism, as it was Huxley’s ambition to see science displace religion as the world’s universal belief system.

At best, human biology and medicine should be regarded as “soft” sciences. They lack the rigor of the “hard” sciences such as physics, inorganic chemistry, engineering and mathematics. In fact, there is ample evidence to suggest that the practice of medicine is not a true science at all. Authentic science makes every effort to observe and investigate very carefully that which it is trying to understand. It doesn’t exclude anomalies that might challenge prior partiality, prejudices and conflicts of interest. 

After we can appreciate the legitimate questions raised by this premise, we can realize the media’s blather “to follow the science”, to get vaccinated, to surrender yourself to useless PCR testing, to wear masks and obey lockdowns is a dangerous bromide. There is no consensual data aside from groupthink to convincingly validate any of these orders. 

In 1892, the Canadian physician Sir William Osler, regarded as the father of modern medicine, was a co-founder of the now prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital. Sir Osler believed that medicine may never become a true science. 

“The practice of medicine is an art, based on science,” Osler wrote. “Working with science, in general, it has not reached, perhaps never will, the dignity of a complete science, with exact laws, like astronomy or engineering.”  

He further posed the question whether there can be any authentic science in medicine. “Yes, but in parts only, such as anatomy and physiology.”  In other words, if a body doesn’t move, breathe or have a heartbeat, medicine can commence with real scientific inquiry and evaluation.

One stark example of the anti-science employed by drug and vaccine makers is the reliance on placebos in double-blinded clinical studies. To realize how a placebo is incorporated and understood by the medical establishment is rather comical. It has long been believed that the gold standard for conducting randomized controlled trials (RCTs) is to test for the efficacy and safety of a new drug or vaccine against a placebo group. 

Unless new products are tested with a control group receiving an inert substance, such as a sugar pill or saline solution, the study cannot be given much credibility. The majority of vaccines currently administered in the US were in fact never tested against a valid placebo group. Why the CDC and FDA do not require this of vaccine makers remains a weird mystery. It is not just bad regulatory policy; it is terrible science.
When a trial placebo recipient has a positive outcome that is similar to or in some cases identical to having taken

the actual drug or vaccine, there is no way to quantifiably measure the non-pharmacological mechanism that brought about the result.  This led Dr. Ted Kaptchuck at Harvard-affiliated Beth Deaconess Medical Center to postulate that many positive results of clinical trial participants receiving the actual drug may also display a placebo effect.  

The same is equally true for vaccine trials. In other words, although we are told that the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines are approximately 95 percent effective, based upon the data after comparing vaccine and placebo groups, the actual effectiveness may be much lower due to placebo effects among vaccine recipients. On the other hand, a nocebo may account for the remaining estimated 5 percent of vaccine recipients. In either case, scientists have no means at their disposal to determine whether antibody immunity is induced by mind-body activity or the vaccine in any given individual. 

The absurd irony is that if one were to ask a random sampling of a thousand federal health officials and scientists, physicians and clinicians, drug company executives, and university medical school professors to explain the actual mind-body mechanisms contributing to the placebo effect, there would be a thousand different answers or a chorus of shrugged shoulders. How scientific is it that for almost every human clinical trial required to bring a pharmaceutical drug and vaccine to market, modern medicine relies on a principle it has yet to understand? 

Consequently vaccine-friendly data that makes newsheadlines is largely based upon institutionalized bias. Skeptic medical materialism’s hypocrisy is further compounded when the placebo effect is used in a disparaging context to discredit natural non-conventional medical therapies. To jump to such conclusions, medicine has had to rely heavily upon metaphysical realism as its starting point. This is where modern medicine departs from being a true science and enters a make-believe world where we find its evidence standing on shaky ground. 

A recent anomaly during the current Covid-19 vaccine trials last autumn violates conventional standards. The placebo control groups were not carried through to their full conclusion. Contrary to common sense and clinical trial protocols, placebo participants were vaccinated long before the trials were completed. In effect the vaccine companies wiped out any potential clinical trace to properly observe and evaluate long-term adverse vaccine events.

In addition, the vaccines are being administered indiscriminately aside from very small selected populations. Physicians and immunological experts now admonishing Fauci and government and institutional mandates are raising legitimate medical concerns that vaccinating individuals who had already contracted the virus could put these persons’ health and lives at risk. 

Moreover, published research on the nature of the placebo effect is scant and unimpressive. There is no serious interest within the medical establishment to fund the necessary studies to get down to the bottom of this phenomenon despite its central role in clinical trial protocols and methodologies. The logic for this avoidance is likely the petrified fear that pervades the federal health regime in general. 

Yet this guarded fear has served well to barricade medical orthodoxy against acknowledging mind-body relationships beyond a strict reductionist hypothesis. It could thoroughly disrupt the establishment’s faith in scientific materialism upon which so much medical research is based, especially within the pharmaceutical industry. 

Similar to Galileo’s threats to the Church’s geocentric universe, it could shake the cathedrals of our now dominant medical Scientism and the doctrinal edicts it levies upon the American public. Galileo’s persecutors too wanted to preserve the common good; albeit it was a good framed by tyranny and the mistreatment of dissidents.

As we make efforts to unravel the trail of contradictions, and often the outright lies promulgated by our medical authorities, regarding mass vaccine mandates and irresponsible diagnostic testing with imprecise tools to identify a viral infection, we may heed MIT’s Thomas Kuhn’s analysis of dominant paradigms within the sciences and their tendency towards dogmatic and authoritarian control.  

In order to understand the truth or falsehood of the government’s medical declarations, the very nature of these authoritative voices should be investigated. What values do they hold? What are the boundaries between what they tolerate and what they disdain? 

In our opinion, the official Covid narrative’s boundaries are exceedingly narrow, compartmentalized and heavily attired with grotesque armor forged with religious-like faith and zeal. Repeatedly we note that Fauci’s pogroms against alternative viral therapies by front line doctors and medical experts, who are providing sound evidence about the Covid-vaccines’ risks of long-term injury and death, are blatantly American-Eurocentric. China for example regularly prescribes Traditional Chinese medical treatments against SARS-2 infections as do many other countries with strong traditional medical systems.

Frequently, medical research laboratories and medical schools outside the American-Euro arena are discovering natural molecules both for prevention and treatment. Worldwide there are nations that require treating Covid patients with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D and other inexpensive safe drugs and supplements. But such promising and cheaper alternatives that compromise the CDC’s and Wall Street’s interests in the drug industry are categorically ignored or ridiculed.

This highlights one sharp distinction between dependable research and pseudoscientific fraud that might explain Washington’s frequent ridiculous decisions and its aggressive public relations endeavors to silence medical opponents. Their reactive diatribes, which either brazenly or casually advocate for censorship, contribute nothing constructive to the medical arts; rather it makes us all the less wise and naive. For the younger generation of future physicians and medical researchers, it is coercive brainwashing into a materialist creed that once found a home in the USSR.  

Leninist and especially Stalinist science too made efforts to institute strict legislative control over the areas of scientific research permitted at Soviet technological and medical institutions. For example, Linus Pauling’s theory of resonating structures earned him a Nobel Prize; however the Soviet scientific bureaucracy ruled the theory was “bourgeois pseudoscience.”  

Today, of course, resonance is no longer questioned and is a standard entry in science’s lexicon. Starting in 1949, an antiresonance campaign arose to force Soviet supporters of the theory “to confess their ideological sins and to publicly denounce resonance.” 

For the Soviets, the resonance theory was not “materialistic” enough. The defining roots of the Soviets’ strong belief in the doctrine of scientific materialism had more in common with theology. Any scientific theory that hinted of idealism was censored. 

In order to advance their science within the limited confines of a materialist ideology, Soviet scientists had to creatively invent new definitions. We are again witnessing a similar practice as the CDC redefines the very definitions of a vaccine and the parameters of vaccine efficacy in order to fit its economic and political agendas.

And these redefinitions have little plausible basis in reality. 

The Soviet example serves as a dire public warning against the growing influence of radicalized and dogmatic scientific materialists in the US. These include groups that identify themselves as Skeptics who now infiltrate our universities and control large portions of the medical discourse on Wikipedia.

Leading proponents of the American medical fundamentalist project, particularly outspoken Skeptics such as vaccine guru Paul Offit, Doris Reiss and Skepticism’s army of internet trolls, give their support to the Fauci Manifesto and frequently come to the defense of the nation’s most rabid vaccine proponents such as California state senator Richard Pan and New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Skeptic platforms, and its’ penetration into the mainstream media, is our nation’s version of Soviet grassroots movements to banish critical scientific voices questioning the state-sanctioned narrative.  

More recently discussions commenced to launch a Stalinist-styled campaign to reprimand physicians for holding medical views and opinions contrary to the Fauci Manifesto. Last month the Federation of State Medical Boards, the umbrella organization representing all US state boards, issued a statement that doctors could lose their medical license for communicating misinformation about the pandemic, without any further definition. 

University of Southern California chemistry professor Anna Krylov remembers her education studying quantum physics in Moscow under the Soviet regime. She recounts the censorship and horrible fate of scientists who dared to follow the path of reliable scientific inquiry, which demanded unbiased and objective evaluation of the phenomenon under investigation.  “Textbooks and scientific papers,” Prof Krylov recalls, “tirelessly emphasized the priority and pre-eminence of Russian and Soviet science.” 

Today our American science only differs in that it has been thoroughly mutilated by corporate interests and greed, instead of a political ideology seeking world domination. In her article appearing in the Journal of Physical Chemistry, she writes:
“… the USSR is no longer on the map. But I find myself experiencing its legacy some thousands of miles to the west, as if I am living in an Orwellian twilight zone. I witness ever-increasing attempts to subject science and education to ideological control and censorship. Just as in Soviet times, the censorship is being justified by the greater good.”

It is doubtful that our federal health agencies’ leaders, nor the corporate and media interests the agencies bed with, are consciously aware that they are following the Soviet script. As in the USSR, they plot behavioral schemes to seduce the American public to give obeisance to a perverted medical system erected with straw and mud.

In order to keep the pseudoscience of masks, unproven patented drugs and vaccines front and center, our medical bureaucracy, with the support of Silicon Valley and the mainstream media, has few options but to purge its critics to keep the fictions alive. It is a familiar pattern that was reenacted during the Church’s Inquisition, Nazi Germany,

Maoist China, and the McCarthy era. It is being revived again as the CDC and NIAID seek to realize Thomas Huxley’s dream of a Church Scientific and take its seat on the throne of a politicized directorate of medicine.
By now it is no longer a secret that coercive propaganda was being employed very early during the pandemic.  According to released documents, SAGE behavioral psychologists advising the UK government, according to Piers Robinson, co-director of the Organization of Propaganda Studies, recommended “the use of the media to increase fear levels amongst the public and talked coercive measures to use to get people to buy into lockdowns.”

Before the documents were obtained, the names of the Covid pandemic committee members were kept secret. Other measures to covertly persuade and control the British public included education, incentivization, training, restrictions and environmental restructuring. Of course none of these efforts would have succeeded without the captured mainstream media acting in full compliance with the government’s political overreach. 

And let there be no mistake that US health agencies and British health authorities work in lockstep together.

Federal health officials escape respectable journalists’ and the public’s scrutiny over their pseudoscientific pronouncements, which are ambiguously presented as consensual research, because it is intentionally worded and framed to dodge the need to provide actual data. Consequently, it is difficult for the average American to agree with or disprove the official narrative.  This is classical behavioral indoctrination at its worst. 

Genuine science seeks objective, independent scientific consensus regardless whether a truth is aligned with personal values and beliefs.  At this moment numerous orthodox physicians and medical researchers are coming forward to give very credible evidence to challenge and devalue the US government’s campaign to vaccinate the population without exception. This important battle is not being waged by conventional versus alternative medical systems. It is an uprising within the ranks of the medical establishment, the first in our history.

Tens of thousands of professional critics are conventional doctors whose careers were never antagonistic to the value of vaccines. They had always acted as devoted comrades to the ruling medical establishment. Their commitment to save American lives, even at the cost of their professional careers and reputations, has been an extraordinary motivating force. They have energetically applied their intellectual acumen to get down to the fundamentals in the medical literature and then uncover the truths about the efficacy of masks, vaccines, and various inexpensive proven drugs such as ivermectin.

Unlike Fauci and the bureaucratic elite who sit at his table, most have actually treated infected Covid patients and now are witnessing the carnage from mass vaccination.  The Fauci Manifesto on the other hand clutches desperately to a dogmatic belief that refuses to consider contrary evidence. Its authoritarian control over the media’s airwaves doesn’t permit the Manifesto to introspectively evaluate whether its policies may be spurious or downright counterfeit. Its anti-scientific claims solely echo those who are being courted, notably the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the American public who want an end to the nonsense. 

Today we are facing the serious challenge to restructure society. The new chant by many world leaders, including Biden, Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Merkel and others is to “build back better” or launch a Great Reset. Concurrent with the meager efforts to restore sound resilient policies and democratic securities, there has been the erection of a massive censorship apparatus to marginalize and silence critics and dissenters of federal policies.

If history is to serve as a lesson, such state-controlled censorship, according to Russian scholar Frank Ellis, contributed to the collapse of Soviet Union. During the pandemic, we are observing the Washington-Silicon Valley axis following the Soviet example. Unless it takes a hard right turn and becomes entrenched in an Orwellian nightmare, the narrative is bound to collapse.

Fortunately there remains the fact that conventional medicine is not an exact science. When Fauci publicly defends himself by stating, “A lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science,” we can now pause and acknowledge that there is no consensual evidence to back it. 

Many of Fauci’s medical critics have already shown this to be the case.  And this should give us hope. There will always be observable gaps in authoritarian pseudoscientific narratives, such as the Fauci Manifesto, that can never reach a consensus to become laws of science as in physics or mathematics. This is medical Scientism’s weak dark spot that is now being exposed by the swelling number of medical professionals who are uncovering the farce. 

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