By Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD
In a recent opinion essay published on the pharmaceutical industry-friendly MedPage Today, Dr. Matthew Wynia, a medical ethics professor at the University of Colorado School of medicine, propagated an old trope by accusing doctors who advocate cheaper, effective drugs and natural supplements for treating Covid patients as a “cult” of “quacks.”  
Such derogatory language is not uncommon among the adherents of radicalized Skepticism—an aberrant faction within conventional medicine that espouses a dogmatic faith in a puritanical scientific materialism. Although there are post-modern Victorians to be found within the sciences and humanities alike, medical Skepticism has gained momentum and finds common ground with schoolyard bullying in its defiance against science’s hallmark of objective examination and scrutiny.
Skeptics such as Wynia are fond of expressing their disdain towards any medical theory or therapeutic modality that lies outside their prejudiced and narrow grasp of how valid scientific inquiry progresses. However, during the pandemic, government health officials disgrace those who would challenge their undemocratic rules to strip away individual freedoms under the ruse of preserving public safety.
Wynia’s background further explains this intolerance; and to use Cornel West’s terms, it tells us something about the “spiritual blackout and moral decrepitude” of the United States’ culture of governance and the puppet masters behind the official pandemic narrative.  
Prior to joining Colorado’s medical school, for thirteen years Wynia was a director at the American Medical Association (AMA), perhaps the most discredited medical institution in America with a long history of speaking on behalf of drug makers’ interests and profits.  For over seven decades, the AMA has served as a primary watchdog for Big Pharma in its opposition to complementary and alternative medical professions. 
Following an earlier mass exodus of doctors from the AMA, today only about 12 percent of American physicians continue to hold membership. Although the AMA’s credibility has been lost, it nevertheless retains its influence from enormous private funding. Despite its detractors, and the erosion of it’s social contract with the larger medical community, the AMA, along with the CDC and NIH, remain determined to unify the profession into a monolithic organism that could dictate approved and disapproved medical theories and interventions.
But it has been during the pandemic that this effort has become more aggressive, as dissident doctors and healthcare professionals who speak out against federal pandemic policies and their failures are being threatened with loss of licenses and jobs.
Wynia is only a more recent example among many. Repeatedly, and in unison, we hear federal health agencies’ and the media’s incantation to “follow the science” as an assault against those who have lost faith in the epistles preached by federal health officials from their vexing pulpits. This begs the question concerning whose science we should follow. Moreover, do we even have the courage and integrity to honestly evaluate the evidence to answer such a question?
In an earlier article, we noted that modern medicine has deservedly failed to be revered as a hard science. Its long legacy of intrinsic biases and questionable motives keeps conventional medicine far away from being counted in the same league as authentic and more transparent sciences such as mathematics, theoretical physics, chemistry, etc. For this reason, since the late 19th century there have been sporadic debates as to whether medicine should properly be understood as an art or a science.
Moreover, today, proprietary pursuits and conflicts of interest have further transformed medicine into a commercial enterprise rather than an honest quest for impartial discovery to uncover facts and truth. The ancient ethic of medicine as a healing art, which upheld high moral standards and was practiced out of physicians’ deep compassion and empathy to relieve human suffering, has today been buried by institutional bureaucrats, professional medical school administrators and pharmaceutical executives.
So deep has been medical ethics’ burial, nobody can find its grave anymore. 
If there is any lesson the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that conventional medicine is largely a mockery of its original moral foundations. This is not to deny important advances in saving lives, especially in diagnostic tools, surgical technologies, and emergency medicine.
Risk versus benefit ratios to drive health policies have become fabricated theatrical displays for the media to reenact to a passive public. For example, what are people to make of the wide discrepancies between the Pfizer and Moderna trial reports claiming 95 percent vaccine effectiveness for infection when real world evidence confirms the contrary?
An Israeli Ministry of Health report—the most vaccinated population in the world—shows only a 39 percent prevention rate.  And this figure will dwindle further during the passing of months following inoculation because it is certain that Covid-19 vaccine immunity is very short-lasting. 
And a Harvard study published in the September issue of the European Journal of Epidemiology reveals that the highest rates of new Covid-19 cases are among the most fully vaccinated nations.
When Fauci tells CBS that unvaccinated persons account for 99.2 percent of presumed Covid deaths, and Biden’s newly appointed CDC czar, Rochelle Walensky, decides to re-define SARS-2 infection rates as “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the actual data should warn that we have been drawn into a fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland hallucinations. 
Because the real data is now in; and, it provides an utterly contrary picture. 
In mid-August, Becker’s Hospital Review reported that 60 percent of Israelis hospitalized with Covid-19 were fully vaccinated. Another study reported by the Israeli National News found that natural immunity was six times greater than that offered by the vaccines; and a subsequent study published by Bloomberg increased that percentage to 13 times greater.
Therefore, we must conclude that somebody is flamboyantly wrong!  Either our government officials or the medical data are wildly incorrect.
Now approximately ten months since the vaccine roll out, more accurate independent data piles up, which indicates that practically everything we have been told about the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccines to bring an end to the pandemic is more hyped fiction than fact. It is permeated with untruths.
Favoring a vaccine regime and surveillance controls to track every American’s movements, our leading health officials’ blatantly neglecting the greater health consequences of their pandemic policies is a clear sign of their moral decrepitude.  Ineffective lockdowns, masks, social isolation, unsound critical care interventions such as relying upon ventilators, and the sole approval of the costly and ineffective drug Remdesivir at the exclusion of cheaper medications that can treat SARS-2 infections for a mere $2.56 have brought about nightmares for tens of millions of adults and children.
These drugs could have been prescribed at the pandemic’s start and saved countless lives. As early as April 2020, Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute in Australia had already published a study that Ivermectin destroyed SARS-2 infected cell cultures by 99.8 percent within 48 hours. But no one in authority paid any attention.
Aside from destroying what average people believe is normal life, the Fauci—Gates—WHO manifesto has likewise destroyed what is natural to our very humanity by erecting and fomenting a culture of fear and mental trauma across the globe. What is equally worrisome is that all indicators suggest this has been by intentional design rather than by medical shortsightedness, unexpected accident or sheer stupidity.
And the architects of this manifesto are not stupid people; neither are the manifesto’s harshest critics stupid people, such as Drs. Peter McCullough, Michael Yeadon and Wolfgang Wodarg, and Robert Kennedy Jr. Yet when highly intelligent people reach the pinnacle of power, wealth and influence, and steadfastly control the narrative of law and order, they are more susceptible to being bombastically wrong about practically everything. 
Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer Vice President, has charged governments with engaging in “psychological terrorism” in order to turn everyone into a threat to everyone else in the streets. When Anthony Fauci lectures the American people that to criticize him is identical to chastising science itself, we are hearing the rhetoric of a mob boss. Fauci is the exemplar and poster child of medicine’s degeneration: an authoritarian regime of oppressors determined to force the citizenry into obedience.
The promulgated message is that unless you have an MD behind your name, you have no authority, knowledge or capability to determine what is sound science from what is false; therefore, we must listen to those experts who have risen up the chain of medical command and are qualified to dictate what is in our best interests. And unless you have achieved that level of jurisdiction you are a pariah, a treacherous heretic, if you dare to question their words.
Sadly legions of medical professionals and a largely naïve public continue to believe that our federal health agencies take the public’s health and genuine well-being to heart. Consequently, the establishment is making every effort to compare those who refuse the Covid vaccines with climate change denial, conspiracy theory, Trumpism and religious fanaticism.
Of course, there is little truth to these analogies. Yes, there are those who espouse these ideologies who are also anti-vaccine. But they do not represent the majority of people who are pro-vaccine but oppose the Covid-19 vaccines; and a large percentage of this group are highly educated and medical professionals.
Consequently this has been premeditative and deceptive messaging intentionally designed to create an illusion that the unvaccinated are a threat to the health of the nation; therefore, employers, schools, and businesses should obey the decrees from on high and exercise their authority to bar anyone who refuses vaccination.  
What Biden and Fauci deny is that an ever-increasing minority of vaccine opponents have now been injured by the vaccines or have had family members, friends, classmates and co-workers severely damaged or die. Their numbers will continue to grow exponentially as the months pass and the vaccines’ long-term adverse effects begin to manifest serious medical complications.
How long will our health and political leaders manage to subordinate the hard facts on the ground with abstract computer modeling, algorithms and massaged number crunching? Medical professionals working in the nitty-gritty of healthcare’s trenches are readily coming out in droves to declare they have had enough. They describe a real life scenario that contradicts every meme the government dishes up to the media. 
In an interview on the Progressive Radio Network, Deborah Conrad, a physician assistant relieved of her job at Rochester Regional Health’s United Memorial Medical Center in upstate New York, recounted the growing number of incidents of vaccine injured patients requiring medical attention.
In a legal letter to her former employers’ President and Chief Medical Officer by the Manhattan law firm Siri & Glimstad, Ms Conrad:
“… personally treated five patients that presented new unprovoked deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolisms within 6 weeks of Covid-19 vaccination. She has also seen patients that, after receipt of the Covid-19 vaccination, presented with a new stroke, autoimmune hepatitis, sudden bilateral pneumonia or Covid-19 infection… new arrhythmias, new seizure disorders, new chorea movement disorder and more.”
During a four-week period alone Deborah submitted 50 vaccine adverse event reports, including 4 deaths, to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Despite the rules put into place that vaccine-associated injuries and deaths must be reported to VAERS, healthcare workers are not being instructed by their superiors to do so.
In Deborah’s case, she was reprimanded for her conscientious efforts. For her actions, she was accused of being an anti-vaccine proponent and fired.
This is only the report of a single healthcare worker at a medium-sized medical facility. Now imagine the cumulative extent of Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths across the nation’s nearly 14,000 hospitals and the personal experiences of a significant number of America’s 1 million active physicians and 3.8 million registered nurses. We should therefore heed to the warnings of a medical holocaust in our midst. 
This carnage is not accidental. It has deeper causal effects that reach beyond the debate over good versus bad science in the Covid wars. More accurately, it is a sign of the deterioration across the length of modernity’s moral integrity. 
The decline of the nation’s spiritual fortitude has steadily sunk during the past half century, with significant spikes of systemic institutional moral decay during the Clinton White House and fast-forward. However, it has been during the past several years that the nation’s political apparatus can be formally declared spiritually bankrupt.
The federal handling of the pandemic is only one symptom of the gangrene of corporate and capitalist cupidity infecting government and healthcare policies. The mendacity of the Fauci-Gates manifesto’s faux scientific hubris and self-righteousness, similar to the SARS-2 virus itself, is intended to poison the population’s very circulation in order to curtail opposition.
This is one of the defining characteristics of Cornel West’s “spiritual blackout” that can also be applied to the pandemic’s public discourse. 
The second characteristic is the systemic indifference and callousness throughout the federal health system and pharmaceutical industry.  Where has there been any effort whatsoever by Pfizer, Moderna and J&J to publicly provide an explanation for this human-made pandemic of vaccine adverse events threatening the international community?
The same is true for the Biden White House and its clan of medical autocrats. Instead, there is deafening silence as injuries and deaths from the Covid vaccines alone far outpace that for all vaccinations combined during the last four decades.
Not even a word of defense. Instead the vaccines’ failures have opened doors for new opportunities and greater profits, with compromised and obliging agents sitting as the heads of the CDC, FDA and Fauci’s National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease ready to rubber stamp approvals for vaccine boosters and expand vaccination to younger age groups. Trials are already underway to administer Pfizer’s vaccine to 6 month-old infants.
In the meantime, Fauci and the NIH will graciously reward grant-hungry researchers at medical institutes and universities with lavish funding to conduct more and more studies for peer-reviewed publications to keep the vaccine scam alive.
Those who buy into this naturalization of criminality within the dominant medical establishment, West might caution, are making “cowardice and avarice fashionable and compassion an option for losers”. Behind the backstage dressing room, the media has transformed Fauci into a propaganda-driven celebrity to keep the pandemic alive, perhaps for years to come.
Cornel West’s third proof for our national spiritual blackout is the enabling of “public interest, common good, or even rule of law [to be] undercut by big money.” During the course of the pandemic alone, billionaire wealth has grown 54 percent to a value of nearly $4 trillion. The Cato Institute estimates that Pfizer will earn $33.5 billion this year from its Covid-19 vaccine alone.
Fear tactics have succeeded in driving millions of Americans to expose their shoulders to the jab while clinging on to the delusional hope that getting vaccination will return their lives to normal.  However, following West’s line of reasoning, these will only be “short-term gains and superficial successes.”
A return to the night clubs, indoor concerts, sporting events and other entertainment, access to certain private and public spaces, entry to school or college and other carrots in the outline of the manifesto’s psy-ops are temporary covers for other nefarious strategies for full spectrum population surveillance. It also impersonates Big Pharma’s predatory capitalism and its commodification of medicine as Big Government takes every advantage of the deep superficiality that imbues the average American psyche. 
Fortunately, there is a growing pushback. We will not speculate whether it is a sign of the nation returning to its innate moral and spiritual senses, or simply the biological drive to survive when overwhelmed by the fear that the Covid-19 manifesto has seeded.
Increasingly, Americans realize that getting vaccinated is a losing game of Russian Roulette. We are playing with a three-chamber loaded revolver, labeled Johnson and Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer respectively. 
During this month alone there are promising signs of rebellion. The message is being heard that the Biden administration and our federal health officials, as well as many leaders in the developed world, have been feeding the public a false narrative built upon lies.
In Chicago, a third of the city’s police force defied vaccine mandates. The 203,000 member strong International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation workers union, which represents the majority of America’s transportation employees, publicly stated their opposition to “unilateral” Covid vaccine mandates.
In New Mexico, 114 workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, including a few dozen of the nation’s top nuclear scientists have sued the private contractor, Triad National Security, which runs the lab for the US Department of Energy for violating their constitutional rights over vaccine mandates.
And the most recent promising news is that a lawsuit is being filed against the CDC, the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum for crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg Code criteria. Whether successful or not, the suit will nevertheless further brighten the spiritual darkness that pervades the halls of these institutions.
In the struggle ahead to expose the Covid-19 manifesto’s violent criminal assault on each of us individually, it is critical to remember history’s great visionaries and the sterling activists who stirred movements to beam light during times of widespread spiritual blackout.
Cornell West calls these exemplary figures “love warriors”. We need to find the courage to act and sacrifice out of deep compassion for the victims of the horrendous callousness exhibited by the pandemic’s engineers and their misguided and heartless schemes.
West would encourage each of us to become a “love warrior.” But not as a cliché to wear on a shirt lapel nor placard to bring to a demonstration; rather the inspiration to burn selfless compassion deep into our conscience as a reminder of certain universal truths that trump all the lies disseminated by the powerful, and to challenge those who wish to exalt themselves as the rulers and masters over our lives. 
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