We have reported on this before in the Trends Journal and in our Trends in The News broadcasts, and we will do it again since Presstitutes and politicians ignore the facts and continually promote the Mask-ueraded.
A study regarding the efficacy of wearing masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus that was recently conducted in Denmark was published on 18 November. Half of the volunteers wore masks regularly, while the other half didn’t. 
After one month, the difference in infection rates between those regularly wearing masks (1.8 percent) was only 0.3 percent less than those who never put on a mask (2.1 percent). 
According to the authors of the study, conducted by the Copenhagen University Hospital, “The study does not confirm the expected halving of the risk of infection for people wearing face masks.”
As Reuters reported in its article revealing the results of the Danish study, “The findings are consistent with previous research. Health experts have long said a mask provides only limited protection for the person wearing it.”
Journalist Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter who has been researching a number of COVID-19 claims by mainstream media, stated the Danish study was impressive given it included thousands of participants. Mr. Berenson said it “essentially showed that wearing masks does not protect the wearer at all from the coronavirus… It was a very, very well- designed study. Frankly, if a drug company had a drug in trials that had this trial result, they would discontinue the drug. There is just no evidence that masks protect the wearer.
While most governments and political leaders strongly advocate mandatory mask-wearing, the Danish study confirms what a Japanese study revealed last July. Research conducted by Kazunari Onishi, associate professor at St. Luke’s International University in Tokyo, showed that with the typical cloth mask worn by the majority of the Japanese public there was “a 100-percent rate in terms of airborne particles penetrating the fabric and through the gap between masks and faces, substantially raising the risk of infection.”
Hide the Truth
Again, as reported in the Trends Journal for months, the vast majority of mainstream media either ignore or bury deep into articles any legitimate study showing the ineffectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. 
A glaring example is the New York Times article from 6 June: “Is the Secret to Japan’s Virus Success Right in Front of Its Face?” The subtitle read, “In America, masks have become a weapon in the culture wars. In Japan, wearing one is no big deal, and deaths have stayed low.”
Then, 23 paragraphs into the article, they printed the one line: “The scientific evidence on whether a mask protects the wearer from infection is mixed.” 
The word “mixed” was in the form of a link that clicked to a study in the medical journal medRxiv, co-founded by Yale University and the British Medical Journal, which noted, “Where specific information was available, most studies reported… wearing a facemask may very slightly reduce the odds of developing respiratory symptoms, by around 6%.”
While acknowledging “there is enough evidence to support the use of facemasks for short periods of time by particularly vulnerable individuals when in transient higher-risk situations,” the study could only confirm that for the general public, We would conclude that wearing facemasks can be very slightly protective against primary infection from casual community contact.”
TRENDPOST: Yes, the masks are, as research concludes, “very slightly protective,” yet billions of people across the globe are being forced to wear them. Absent from the media are the studies that detail the health risks of mask wearing… both physically and mentally.

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