Sandra Oudkirk, the de facto head of the U.S. embassy in Taipei, continued to stress Washington’s commitment to defending Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion and said the relationship is “rock solid.”
Oudkirk, the head of the American Institute in Taiwan, issued the phrase that has been uttered by many officials in President Biden’s administration, which seems to be intentionally vague. Does this commitment mean providing arms, or a military commitment?
Biden slipped up twice during his presidency by saying that the U.S. military would actively help Taipei repeal an invasion from Beijing. Each time, the White House has made clear that the U.S. policy toward the island has not changed. 
The Trends Journal sees this policy position as all bark and no bite. The U.S. knows that China’s military has made massive gains over the past years while America focused on propping up the government in Kabul only to see it evaporate like a spilled drink in the sun.
We ran an article in the 12 October 2021 issue titled, “U.S. ‘ALREADY LOST’ AI WAR WITH CHINA,’ PENTAGON’S FORMER SOFTWARE CHIEF SAYS,” and pointed out that while America spent countless trillions waging and losing endless wars and enriching its military-industrial complex, China has spent its trillions advancing the nation’s businesses and building its 21st-century infrastructure. reported that Taiwan, for the first time, confirmed that U.S. troops are on the island, and its president, Tsai Ing-wen, said it is her belief that the U.S. would fight for her country.
“I do have faith given the long-term relationship that we have with the U.S. and also the support of the people of the U.S. as well as the Congress,” she said in an interview. “The administration has been very helpful.”
TREND FORECAST: We maintain our forecast of “The Rise of China” as one of the Top Trends of 2021. We predicted that the 21st century will be the Chinese century because the business of China is business; the business of America since World War II has been war. 
Totally ignored in the FT article and by Mr. Chaillan is the fact that both China’s manufacturing abilities and tech innovation were at third-world levels before Bill Clinton and George W. Bush bought the communist nation into the World Trade Organization at the turn of the century. 
It was U.S. and European companies that exported their manufacturing facilities and high technology to China so they could use its cheap labor to make their products… and sell them back to the citizens around the world at much higher prices so they could boost their profit margins.
Thus, with the U.S. workforce having slid into the service sector economy—working at Walmarts, janitorial jobs, hospitality sector, restaurant workers, packing and shipping for Amazon, stocking shelves and cashiers at Dollar General, Kroger’s etc.—what was once a nation of manufacturing innovation and creativity has descended into Slavelandia. 
Indeed, despite all the “Trade War” talk during the Trump presidential years, the U.S. trade deficit hit a record 73.3 billion in August according to the Commerce Department. It’s gap with China was $31.7 billion.
As we have long forecast, the only way the United States—which is rich in natural and human resources—will halt its economic decline is to become a self-sustaining economy.  
Therefore, in the absence of a Renaissance whereby the people raise their emotional, physical, moral and spiritual levels to their highest degrees, the country will continue its “end-of-empire” decline.  
TREND FORECAST: The Trends Journal has reported extensively on Taiwan and the possibility of a military confrontation with China. See “TAIWAN MILITARY RAMP-UP WILL NOT STOP CHINA,” (27 Apr 2021) “CHINA FLEXES MUSCLE ON TAIWAN. WHO WILL STOP THEM?” (5 Oct 2021) “U.S. GENERAL DECLARES U.S. “READY” TO DEFEND TAIWAN IF CHINA INVADES” (10 Aug 2021) and “CHINA TO TAKE TAIWAN: A MATTER OF TIME,” (30 Mar 2021). 
As we have also noted, the United States has not won a war since World War II, and they were greatly assisted by their Russian allies at the time… which is both denied and forgotten some 76 years later. Also, as we have noted, the United States could not even defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan after spending over $2 trillion in a 20 year disgraceful loss.
Thus, if the U.S. and its NATO allies could not defeat an army of lightly armed 80,000 Taliban troops, only idiots, morons, psychopaths and “scholars” would believe America and its war partners will defeat China’s 2.8 million war-ready 21 st century People’s Liberation Army. Trends Journal’s 19 October 2021 TRENDPOST: While the U.S. is busy antagonizing China by sailing ships off Taiwan, Beijing is making strategic moves in the region and developing weapons systems that embarrass the U.S. (See “TOP TRENDS 2021: THE RISE OF CHINA.”)

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