How low can you go? 
How stupid can you be? 
AntiWar.com reported on Thursday that Adm. John Aquilino, the head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado that the U.S. military is the “greatest military on the planet” and prepared for any Chinese aggression.
“We are here to continue to operate to ensure peace and prosperity throughout the region, and we have to be in a position to ensure that status quo remains as it applies to Taiwan,” he said.
The report said the conversation drifted to the possibility that China might invade Taiwan. He said the U.S. is prepared for “any contingency” that could occur.
The Trends Journal has been reporting on the rise of China and its growing influence in the region and around the world.
In our 30 March article, “CHINA TO TAKE TAIWAN: A MATTER OF TIME,” we forecast that at some point, China, as with Hong Kong, would take complete control of Taiwan.
Our 2 February article “CHINA MILITARY. READY FOR WAR?” focused on the Chinese military conducting exercises that simulated an attack on U.S. aircraft carriers. We reported that the Chinese Defense Ministry said Beijing flew a dozen military jets into Taiwan airspace earlier this month because it was “necessary actions to address the current security situation.” They warned that those who play with fire “burn themselves” and “Taiwan independence means war.”
As we have long stated, the U.S. likes to talk tough when it comes to fighting in countries like Ukraine. But considering Russia is on one side of the civil war in that nation, the U.S. would not send its military to confront them.
We have pointed out in recent issues that Taiwan’s military has no chance against China, which spends 25 times the amount Taipei does on its military. And, with 2,185,000 million troops, and ranked the biggest armed forces in the world, Taiwan, with just 170,000 troops, is no match. 
All Talk, No Action
The New York Times published a story on Saturday that said the Taiwanese overwhelmingly supported Hong Kong’s protest movement.
“Taiwan’s democratically elected government issued grandiose statements of solidarity, but when the Hong Kong escapees started to arrive, the same politicians did little to help. Taiwan could see a version of its future in Hong Kong and worried that coming to its aid too overtly would hasten that scenario’s arrival,” The Times wrote. 
They know the hammer is coming. 
Col. Wu Qian, China’s Defense Ministry spokesman, said in January that Taiwan is an “inalienable part of China.”
“The PLA will take all necessary measures to resolutely defeat any attempt by the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatists, and firmly defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said, according to the network.
TREND FORECAST: Despite condemnations when they do so, there will be no military forces from other nations that will challenge Communist China’s military might. Indeed, America, with the largest military in the world, has not won a war since World War II and cannot even win against third-world nations such as Afghanistan after invading that nation some 20 years ago.
Should war break out between China and Taiwan, we forecast the Taiwanese military will not aggressively fight back, since doing so would result in millions of deaths and mass destruction.
Aquilino has warned that China has shown a willingness to flex its muscles when it comes to Hong Kong, which could indicate its intentions for Taiwan, Stripes.com reported.
“That view of integrated deterrence is designed for the entire joint force to be able to operate in a synchronized fashion in all domains—as we integrate cyberspace and space capabilities—as we do it with all forms of U.S. national power,” Aquilino said. “And as we synchronize those with our most critical asset—and that is our allies and partners. So, when we pull all those together, let me just say that I have a level of confidence that the U.S. military and Department of Defense is in a good place.”
TRENDPOST: How can anyone with a brain bigger than a pea swallow what Aquilino is spitting out?
“Greatest military on the planet”?
What a moronic, imbecilic sick joke.
America has not won a war since World War II… and the Russians helped the U.S. win it. But of course, anyone stating this fact, which is deleted in the teaching of history in America’s schools and blackballed by the press which sold “Hate the Russians” from the Cold War following World War II and continues today with Russiagate, etc. … is castigated as being pro-Russian. 
“Greatest military on the planet”?
Read the current news of how the U.S. lost the longest war in its history… the 20 year Afghan War that cost hundreds of billions of dollars that enriched the military industrial complex, cost the lives of over 2,100 of its soldiers, destroyed much of Afghanistan and according the Watson Institute at Brown University, “About 241,000 people have been killed in the Afghanistan and Pakistan war zone since 2001. More than 71,000 of those killed have been civilians.”
“Greatest military on the planet”?
Check out the front page headline and photo of today’s Wall Street Journal: “Taliban Seize More Cities, Pressuring Government in Kabul.”
Yes, the tiny Taliban defeated the “Greatest Military on the Planet.”
And remember the “Troop Surge” ordered by America’s Nobel Peace of Crap Prize Winner Barack Obama, and how that would defeat the Taliban?
Not a word mentioned in the mainstream media. 
The Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, Syrian War, Libyan War, Yemen War… Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Niger, etc.—the list of murderous wars launched by the United States and its allies has killed millions and cost trillions—and not one “victory” for the “Greatest military on the planet.”

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