preferences and prejudices

Dear Gerald,

I believe that the reason people are unable to understand and comprehend the atrocities and errors of their country, religion or ideals is due to their preferences, or things that they favor and their prejudices. These prevent them from seeing things as they are or questioning what they are told by the media and politicians. Therefore, they see only things as they appear superficially, on the surface, but not as they really are. Preference and prejudice, two treasured heirlooms of human beings, must be done away with in order that one may find and finally see the truth. Preference and prejudice grow on the mind’s eye like as cataracts do on the physical eye. They cause their thinking to become dim and finally obscured. Therefore, these heirlooms must be removed and forgotten if the revolution of the mind is to take place. They can be removed by virtue and the art of real thinking and investigating. Virtue is one’s power of will in the practice of honesty and truthfulness.

Best regards,

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