Americans: Don’t be fooled by peace talk

The US is a war nation with a war economy and has been since 1913. All US taxpayers live a lie when it comes to peace. American taxpayers are hypocrites who like to think, speak and act for peace while simultaneously financing war. That is the national psychological trap they have all been born into and become subjected to by the government.

Being an American taxpayer is not compatible with living in peace. Until this fact is faced and understood by the citizen taxpayer, the status quo will remain as regards US domestic and foreign policy. There is only one way to change the
dynamics of what is. Those in power are immune to whatever society has to throw at them,but not from what  society can deny them. The US citizen is an expendable pawn whose existence has been rendered compromised by the world’s power brokers. Individually, no citizen taxpayer can do anything against the aforementioned but collectively they can.The collective effort to shut down the flow of tax dollars to those in power is the only thing that these people will respond to.

This collective will require courage. It doesn’t take courage to kill another human being in war for ideologies. However, it does and will require courage to act collectively against what mankind has created over the past 5,000 years of recorded history.

The word and the symbol are never the reality in life. The word love is not love, and the word peace is not peace.

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