History Before it Happens in Your Life

Internationally known trends forecaster Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute invite you to attend a unique three-day conference at the institute’s historic facilities in Colonial Kingston, New York, during one of the Hudson Valley’s most beautiful times of the year. As fall colors energize the landscape around you, Gerald, invited speakers and institute analysts will take you on a journey toward understanding how essential trends take hold and how, once gained, you can use that insight to help you “Prepare, Survive and Prevail.”

The fall 2014 conference, History Before it Happens in Your Life, is the second Trends Research Institute conference scheduled this year. The summer conference sold out in just a couple of weeks and attracted participants from as far away as Australia, Japan, and Sweden, as well as all corners of the United States.

The institute’s conferences are much more than a collection of presentations and workshops; the gatherings feed off the energies and insights of thinkers, innovators and artists who seek and value the truth as a means to improve their lives. They engage dialogue and understanding on a deeper level, going beyond the formulaic reporting and analysis of the news events that dominate the media landscape. And it all takes place in one of the most historic settings in the country.

During the conference, attendees will have many opportunities to interact directly with Gerald and his analysts. They are encouraged to engage, challenge, enlighten and be enlightened as Gerald guides the group through the critical trends evolving worldwide and helps them uncover the less apparent ones unfolding in their own communities. What are they? Why do they matter? How can we learn from them?

Join Gerald and his team this fall and learn the answers.

About the program


Thursday, October 16

Welcome Reception

7 p.m. We’ll gather at the Mohican building, the heart of the institute’s operations and home to our conference.

Friday, October 17

The art and science of tracking trends

Gerald Celente takes center stage and walks participants through his unique Globalnomics method of forecasting trends. His penetrating insights into the essential trends shaping events across the globe will have participants engaged and vested in finding the truth beneath the headlines as a direct means to improve their lives. Gerald will lead a discussion that digs deep into geopolitics, ethics, culture, economics, health and media. His insights and the group dynamic will unearth ways of finding and embracing the real story, the fact-based patterns underneath the news that matter most. The group will join Gerald in mining the field of disguised truths to form new perspectives on critical issues.

At lunch, Derek Osenenko, Chief Executive Officer of the institute, will cover trends in media that you won’t hear anywhere else, taking participants inside the boardroom and newsroom to show where today’s news comes from and what the future of mainstream news coverage looks like.

The afternoon session is about takeaways. Gerald and team will provide tangible examples of how to use trend-tracking methods to improve the quality of your life. In this segment, attendees will understand how to recognize opportunity and act on it. And, just as important, they’ll learn how to recognize danger and act on that, too. The goal is to equip participants with enough actionable data, insight and information to make a difference in their lives when they return home.

Saturday, October 18 

The “low expectations” trend unveiled 

The institute tracks trends by examining where we’ve been as a prelude to understanding where we’re headed.

In this session, we take that principle to a more personal level by examining how trends in our behavior, the behavior of the community and the leaders we trust shape the quality of our lives. With that understanding as the backdrop, this session explores how and why our real quality of life has diminished so much. We push aside the illusion that smart phones, high definition televisions and bright orange-colored sneakers reflect an improved quality of life, and explore why our  expectations have been set so low.

There will be a segment on how cultural expectations have been lowered, affecting everything from what we eat to how we dress. We’ll explore why we’re willing to repeatedly hold our politicians and corporate leaders to pathetically low standards.

Continuing with the low expectations theme, other segments of the session will explore how the merger of celebrity and art has reached an ugly pinnacle and what that means to our daily life.  And we will closely examine what it meant to be poor and middle class generations ago vs. today.

At lunch, an interviewer will ask Gerald pointed questions to provide insights into the personal motivations behind his work, and then give participants the opportunity to grill “the pitbull of forecasts.”

The afternoon is dedicated to understanding how to lift standards and expectations in our own lives and in our communities. We explore why that is essential and how it can be done. And we discuss examples across the globe that offer hope a trend may be taking shape that takes direct aim at low expectations.

The day ends with dinner at the institute.

Sunday, October 19

Brunch with Gerald

Our fall conference concludes with an informal brunch with Gerald and his analysts. The Sunday brunch is a time to wrap up loose ends, share final thoughts and reflect on the conference.

We will also use this opportunity to serve as tour guides for those wishing to further explore the Hudson Valley, one of the world’s best day-trip locations.

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