Income inequality!

From the United States’ Presidential Reality Show®, where the leading Democratic candidates are pushing for higher taxes on the wealthiest and bashing billionaires, to Lebanon, Algeria, and the many other countries written about in the Trends Journal where people have lost everything and have nothing left to lose – the bottom line of most of the protests is gross income inequality.

The anger and rage directed at the 1 percent, plus the multinational monopolies that political establishments support, will accelerate in 2020, as world economies slow down while the richest stay richest and the vast majorities get poorer.

In the U.S., for example, there are fears and growing concerns among the billionaire financial class of the public dissent and what to do about it… while most in politics and the mainstream media condemn those who want to raise their taxes and spread the wealth.

In fact, Michael Bloomberg, worth some $56 billion, threw his top hat into The Presidential Reality Show® in an effort to knock out the “spread the wealth, tax the rich” Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders leading the polls.

On the media front, several billionaires have been hitting the airwaves exalting how much they give and all they do to help elevate a socially and economically declining society. What these “philanthropists” say they give, and how they really help, however, is not being felt and/or accepted on Main Street.

Unless positive action is quickly taken by the 1 percent and others of high economic means to help the less fortunate masses, more bodyguards and safe-haven escape plans for the 1 percent will be needed as the “Off With Their Heads 2.0” trend comes to life.

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