t’s Crashing.

Few recognize it. Most are tuned out. They don’t have a clue.

Politicians across the globe are fighting for survival against angry mobs who want to overthrow them.

Citizens across the globe are fighting for freedom and survival.

Fighting for freedom.

Fighting against government control, corruption, income inequality, poverty, violence, crime…
From South America to Africa, from the Middle East to Asia to Europe, millions are taking to the streets across the globe in numbers never seen before.

Too busy, tech-addicted, too many problems of their own… whatever it is.

From the average Joe and Jane to the top of the income chain, most don’t have a clue of what’s going on, what it means, or where it’s going.

Because if they did, steps would be taken now to reverse the pain and destruction that will follow.

Not News

The mainstream media barely reports it.  And when they do, it’s sold with political/government/corporate bias.

Stuck in the past and blind to the future, dumbed down on a junk-news diet of brainwashed views, sound bites, and propaganda… the public swallows what’s fed to them.

The world is not prepared for the “2020 New World Disorder.”

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