The Trends Journal, the first magazine to forecast Donald Trump’s 2016 White House win in May 2016, now forecasts Trump will defeat all current, front-runner Democrat challengers in 2020. But, it will be a win by “default.”
Despite President Trump’s low approval rating, the mainstream media’s constant negative coverage, and now the 24/7 impeachment drama, Trends Journal publisher, Gerald Celente, forecasts that “minus an unforeseen wild card, and there is no more wild of a card than the Trump card, Trump will win the 2020 Presidency.”
Celente also forecasts that the U.S. Federal Reserve will continue to lower interest rates in 2020, thus keeping the economy moderately buoyant.
In addition, noting Trump is a master of the “Art of the Deal,” Celente forecasts that to help boost his odds of winning, the president will wait until late next year, close to Election Day, to announce a trade deal with China and peace deals with North Korea and Afghanistan.
As for the popular vote, it is most likely Trump will again lose in 2020. As he did in 2016, however, and considering who the frontrunners are, swing state voters will not vote for a Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Pete Buttigieg.
Should Joe Biden win the Democratic nomination, the flip side of the current impeachment drama will cast a seriously negative shadow on him as details emerge of how his son Hunter made millions of dollars in inside deals via daddy’s connections as U.S. Vice President.
Thus, Trump will win in 2020 by default: the fault of the Democratic Party, whose candidates lack the mass appeal platform and personality needed to beat the Reality Show Champion Donald Trump.

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