From warlords to nobility to elected officials, the new millennium push is “Power to the People.”
There’s never been anything like it.
Across the globe, protests, demonstrations, and uprisings are being led by groups of many and not one leader.
Following no leader or allegiance to political parties, especially established ones, is a 2020 megatrend… a societal evolution.
Indeed, with the conditions of poverty, violence, austerity, corruption, concentration of wealth, crime, and dictatorial/police state suppression inflicted on the public by governments in power, the new revolutionaries, as witnessed in Hong Kong, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Sudan, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Egypt… are active majorities fighting to take to take the future into their own hands.
Trends are born, they grow, mature, reach old age, and die. The “Independence” trend has been born.
This trend will also set the foundation for Direct Democracy: referendums on issues of going to war, tax breaks, austerity measures, censorship, etc., that people, not political parties, will decide.
Beyond politics, with exceptions, of course, it will reach into fashion, entertainment, and pop culture, where one style does not fit all.

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