Around the world, as revolutions and riots accelerate at unprecedented levels, it’s all going down. Global economies are slowing down, and uprisings across the globe are bringing governments down.
From Bolivia to Sudan, Algeria to Lebanon, Iraq to Spain, Hong Kong to Chile… the awake and the aware see it and feel it.
How to rise above it? Elegance!
Elegance: the new level of high style for low times. Beauty is uplifting; it’s an antidote to the chaos around us.
Dressing elegantly – with style and with care – need not require expensive designer brands, and it won’t be found following the latest, absurd celebrity fashion trends.
It’s the time to bring forward creativity and individuality, where less is more, and better is great.
The bar has been raised.
Those living “Elegance” set the standard. It’s the best of the best in body, mind, and spirit. OnTrendpreneurs® who tap into the “Elegance 2020” trend to lift sinking spirits will reap great rewards and high profits.
In fact, this new standard will set higher demands for everything from governments to public service and fashion to food.

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