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In a pure case of twisted logic, the public, who obediently marched off to the COVID War – as they had with Bush’s and other wars based on lies trumpeted by the media – ranked the media dead last in trustworthiness among American institutions.
Among the institutions including hospitals, employers, Congress, etc., only the media got a more negative than positive review.
Mohamed Younis, Gallup’s editor-in-chief, noted the poll confirmed a long-term decrease in American’s confidence in its media: “Just to give you context, when we were polling in the time of President Nixon’s impeachment, seven in ten Americans said they had confidence in the honesty of the media they had access to in the United States… Today, only four in ten Americans say the same.”
As with virtually all issues in what we have termed the “Divided States of America,” and clearly evidenced with Black Lives Matter protests and COVID-19, there is a stark political divide as to who trusts or distrusts the media.
According to Younis, distrust in media “is most pronounced among Republicans. But as of now, 41 percent of independents approve of the job that media has done in the COVID crisis, which is exactly the national average; 68 percent of Democrats share that view, and only 16 percent of Republicans… so there is definitely a partisan angle to that.”
TRENDPOST: Yes, “there is definitely a partisan angle to that.” Across America and around the world, for those who only believe in their belief systems, their leaders and political parties, solid facts, hard data, scientific evidence… and logic, matter not.
No clearer example of the entrenched face-mask-social-distanced fear mentality that has gripped much of the nation.
Believe the media and live in fear? Yes, they do.
For example, the one-sided experts the media and politician promote tell the masses to wear face masks to prevent catching and/or spreading the virus.
Yet, driving in cars with windows up, hiking, bicycling, or walking alone on deserted streets – afraid the virus is lurking behind a tree or floating through the air – ravaged with fear, people are masked up.
TRENDPOST: The fear and control freaks are in control.
During the Cold War, kids were forced to hide under their desks to escape an atom bomb blast, and air-raid drills became part of the fear-based culture.
Following 9/11, life changed forever when the “War on Terror” was launched and Homeland Security was created… air travel x-raying, pat downs, and having to show ID to get into buildings became the new normal. Before that, flying was fun and security guards in buildings were minimal.
Now, with the launch of the COVID War, politicians, along with businesses, have imposed a wide array new, fear-based rules and regulations that have become the new ABnormal… sapping liberty, love, joy, and beauty from virtually every aspect of humanity.

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