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Last month, YouGov conducted a poll in a number of countries to determine the level of trust the public had in media’s coverage of COVID-19. The U.S. results showed 42 percent find media coverage favorable, about the same as the Gallup Poll (41 percent) taken last March.
In Germany, the people have more confidence in media coverage than in the U.S., as 54 percent agreed they are getting accurate reporting. That number dropped to 50 percent in Spain and down to 38 percent in Italy.
France has the negative distinction of having the least trusted media among major countries polled with just 26 percent having a positive view of COVID-19 reporting.
“The media tends to be the least trusted group, and in no country does it rank first or second. Trust in the media is lowest in France (26%) and Britain (31%). Aside from these two countries, fewer than half of people trust the press in Italy, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, and the US,” notes YouGov.
TRENDPOST: Again, the general public speaks and thinks out of both sides of their mouth… and brain.
On one hand, they demean Presstitute mainstream media and politicians.
On the other, they swallow what is fed to them and obediently march off to the COVID War… as clearly evidenced by the frightened masked men and women in the Petrified Land of Covidsteria. 

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