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Most businesses closed by government mandate remained so by mid-June, according to Yelp, the online review site.
About 140,000 businesses listed on Yelp that were closed on 1 March still are, the company said, compared to 175,000 that were shut on 1 April.
According to Yelp, some 41 percent of businesses still closed have reported they will not reopen.
As for the restaurants that have been locked down, some 53 percent are gone for good… they will never reopen.
Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco showed the most closures, with retail stores leading the list of categories with businesses still dark.
TRENDPOST: The Yelp report was barely mentioned in the mainstream media. The facts are frightening; the implications serious. Tens of millions of lives have been destroyed by politically imposed lockdowns.
Again and again, we repeat and repeat: Well over 40 percent of the virus deaths in the U.S. are elderly from nursing homes, and majority of the other victims are those suffering from chronic illnesses including obesity (42 percent of America’s adult population is obese), Type 2 diabetes, respiratory, heart disease, etc., in a population of 330 million people.
Yet, the rest of society must pay the locked down price… out of work, going bankrupt, lose my home, life in shambles… the future is bleak. 

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