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Across the globe, from Communist Democratic Dictatorships, their Prime Ministers, Presidents, Chancellors, Governors, and Mayors have issued Executive Orders telling the citizens what they must do to fight the COVID War.
As we have noted, and as Judge Andrew Napolitano expressed at our “Unite for Peace and Restore Freedom” 4th of July Rally, in the United States, as with most nations, these orders are unconstitutional.
With few exceptions, that issue is ignored by the media and politicians.
Indeed, buried in the New York Times last Thursday was this small headline from a one-paragraph story: “Unconstitutional Quarantine.
On 30 July, Portugal’s Constitutional Court ruled the government of its Azores Islands violated the constitution by imposing a two-week quarantine on all arriving air passengers… whether or not they had any COVID-19 symptoms.
Confining them to hotels, for which those arriving after 8 May had to pay, they were isolated in their rooms and forced to buy food and water that was brought to them.
The court stated government authorities treated people as if they were serving a prison sentence.
TRENDPOST: Again, totally void from mainstream media around the world is the unconstitutionality of individual actions taken by politicians that have locked down entire nations, destroyed millions of businesses, and caused financial and mental suffering of hundreds of millions.
Moreover, as the research shows, in most nations, the majority of citizens simply obey the orders imposed on them and do not challenge either the legality of the orders or the lack of scientific data to support their politicians’ commands.

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