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We are in the midst of an epic, engineered economic collapse, yet it appears as if the stock market is invincible.
Over the past few weeks, we have seen the NASDAQ make several all-time record highs, a trend that will continue… until it doesn’t.
What is the main driver of the market today?
It’s the ballooning Federal Reserve balance sheet – the largest debt expansion cycle the world has ever seen. By this mechanism alone, the stock market is making all-time record highs as the economy is in collapse.
The Fed, along with the major Wall Street investment banks (which own the Fed) are directly buying stocks. Yes, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has their own trading desk that they use to “maintain market stability.” In other words, to prop up the stock market.
Below is an excerpt taken directly from the Fed’s website:

For more than a decade, the Fed has been deliberately and profoundly involved in rigging the debt market by artificially suppressing rates. The mechanism of artificially suppressing rates creates an environment of risk that directly pushes cash into risk assets – the stock market. It also creates massive “malinvestment.” Malinvestment is the process by which cash, that should be going into certain assets, does not.
Instead, the cash makes its way into assets it should not be going into, thereby inflating asset bubbles. In turn, this inflates a stock market mega-bubble.
So, what happens when the mechanism of artificially suppressed rates, which has manifested itself in The Mother Bubble of Them All, corrects to fair value?
Meltdown Mania
There will come a time in the near future when an uncontrolled sell-off in the debt market will occur. This will cause a rapid spike in rates, which will, in turn, put a massive amount of pressure on the stock market and cause it to drop extremely rapidly in an uncontrolled fashion.
In other words, the Market Meltdown.
We will do all we can to give a heads up to Trends Journal subscribers before it is underway.
by Gregory Mannarino,

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