VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, created in 1990 and co-managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. 
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (who spoke at Dr. Ron Paul’s “War on Us” event following Gerald Celente’s presentation on 4 September) published VAERS data on his web site, The Defender,  on 17 September, which details that side effects of COVID vaccines are hardly insignificant or inconsequential.
Since the vaccine rollout began on 14 December 2020 (and tabulated through 10 September 2021) VAERS has logged reports of 701,561 adverse events, including 14,925 deaths. Factoring out those reports generated outside the U.S. still leaves a total of 559,462 adverse events, including 6,756 deaths and 43,073 serious injuries, all reported in the U.S. 
Of those U.S. deaths, 12 percent occurred within 24 hours of vaccination and 17 percent occurred within 48 hours of vaccination. Another 31 percent occurred in persons who first reported symptoms within 48 hours of vaccination. 
Some 20 percent of the deaths were related to cardiac disorders; there were 1,076 cases of miscarriage or premature birth. There were 2,783 cases of Bell’s Palsy and 593 cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome.
VAERS does not assume a causal relationship between the vaccine and the adverse events until such is confirmed via investigation. 
The Defender also on 20 December reported the latest weekly figures from VAERS for children aged 12 to 17. In that group there were 19,827 adverse events, including 19 deaths (2 of which were suicides). There were 488 cases of inflammation of the heart and its membranes (myocarditis and pericarditis); Trends Journal reported on this particular side effect in “YET ANOTHER REASON FOR VACCINE HESITANCY” (29 Jun 2021). That age group also logged 2,972 cases of anaphylaxis (an allergic reaction) and 106 cases of clotting disorders.
And The Defender also cited a preprint study which found that healthy boys between the ages of 12 and 15 with no underlying medical conditions faced four to six times more risk from vaccine-related myocarditis than from COVID-19.
TRENDPOST: Also cited are studies indicating that natural immunity confers far better protection from COVID-19 than vaccines do; Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University is quoted as saying that, in order to support a political narrative, the CDC was “cherry-picking” data regarding vaccines vs. natural immunity. See “SOUTH AMERICA: JAB OR NATURAL IMMUNITY SLOWING COVID SURGE” (14 Sep 2021).

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