Eric Clapton, whom Rolling Stone rated Number Two (behind only Jimi Hendrix) in its “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” has now become the object of that same magazine’s scorn and ridicule. 
In an article on 20 September, Rolling Stone declares that, when Clapton performed in New Orleans on 18 September, it was in contradiction of an “absurd promise” the guitarist had made to never appear at a venue that required proof of vaccination.
The arena where Clapton performed (the Smoothie King Center) follows the New Orleans regulations requiring all persons at such venues (ticket holders, staff and participants) to prove they’ve had at least one COVID-19 jab or have tested negative for the virus with 72 hours; mask-wearing is also mandatory, except while eating or drinking.
Reacting to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s July announcement that vax passes would be required at U.K. nightclubs and entertainment venues, Clapton had stated, “I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present. Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show.”
Characterizing Clapton as a “public health skeptic” and “anti-vax hypocrite” whose “ridiculous stance” put him at odds with the “the rest of the music industry” (which, the magazine tells us, “has embraced vaccination mandates as the only way of ensuring safe concerts”), Rolling Stone reminds us that Clapton collaborated with Van Morrison on songs protesting the COVID lockdowns, “Stand and Deliver” and “The Rebels,” and one of his own, “This Has Gotta Stop.” This indeed puts Clapton at odds with most of the entire entertainment industry; see “CELEBRITY SELLOUTS SELL COVID VAX” (18 May 2021).
The magazine also states that Clapton had been vaccinated but had “famously regretted” his decision because of the “supposedly ‘disastrous’ side effects he said he suffered.”
For his part, the 76 year old guitarist, singer, songwriter and three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee says that he should never have taken the jab; he suffers from peripheral neuropathy, which he says was aggravated by the vaccine; as a guitarist, anything that impinges on the use of his hands could certainly be called “disastrous.” Clapton evidently believes that, for him, the vaccine poses risks greater than the risk of COVID-19; see “STATS, SIDE EFFECTS & DEATHS” (2 Feb 2021).
“Stand and Deliver” contains the lyrics “Is this a sovereign nation, or just a police state?”; see “COVID-19: POLICE STATE VIRUS” (10 Mar 2020).  
Clapton Come Back
In a Facebook post, Clapton takes issue with the Rolling Stone article, claiming that the exception for those testing negative means that “the venue did not require exclusively a vaccination as a condition for entry,” that he therefore didn’t break his promise, and that Rolling Stone is guilty of “sensationalist journalism.” 
That may be a mere loophole, a technicality. But whether Clapton reneged on his promise or not, he has not renounced his anti-vax mandate and anti-lockdown sentiments. 
TRENDPOST: To clearly illustrate the levels of arrogance and stupidity of Rolling Stone, we again note their comment that Clapton, and essentially anyone else who is a “public health skeptic,” is a stupid jerk.
“Public health” = political establishment whores who are paid to do what they are told by the government pimps. These are not alternative/natural healing/complimentary educated “experts.”
And, to further note the magazine’s low life stupidity, they attack Clapton, and in fact anyone else, who is “anti-vax” as having a “ridiculous stance” that is at odds with “the rest of the music industry.” 
What moron would give a damn about what the “rest of the music “industry” believes? Yes, an industry that knows zero about medical facts and has degenerated into a mega-corporate “industry” that has sapped the true soul out of what used to be the American spirit. From Ragtime, Swing, R&B, Rock n’ Roll, Motown… what is being sold as music has degenerated to one bad rap and synthetic hollowness. 
TREND FORECAST: The world is waiting for a music Renaissance… a rebirth that captures the true sound of instruments and the heart, soul and style of musicians and performers. It is a top-of-the-list OnTrendpreneur® opportunity. Society wants its spirit lifted, which is anathema to the “rest of the music industry.”
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