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South America, not long ago reported by the media as the hotbed of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths, is now experiencing a sharp decrease in those numbers, and the mainstream media “experts” are not quite sure why. 
So says an article in The New York Times, appearing 6 September. When the virus first hit, we are told, containment measures were spotty because governments were loath to negatively impact their economies. As it happens, those economies are now expected to increase over previous forecasts.
(Trends Journal reported, in “SOUTH AFRICA MYSTERY: WHERE DID THE VIRUS GO?,” 23 March 2021 on another rather sudden and “puzzling” reduction in COVID cases, on the other side of the world.)
There have now been some strict border controls, but the drop in cases in South America is largely ascribed to the speed with which widespread vaccination has been achieved, unhindered, the NYT points out, by the “apathy, politicization and conspiracy theories” that have kept the U.S. from achieving its vaccination goals.
In Brazil, for example, almost 64 percent of the population has received at least one shot, as has 61 percent in Argentina. In Uruguay and Chile more than 70 percent are fully vaccinated. And the dreaded Delta variant does not seem to have made things worse.
Jab Failure
And while politicians keep selling the “Get the Jab” lines, it was reported yesterday by Reuters that despite 81 percent of Singapore’s population fully vaccinated, the pace of new COVID-19 infections is rapidly rising and there is a doubling of seriously ill patients.
TRENDPOST: As reported, the surge has been reversed and the Delta variant has failed to gain traction, because so many people had been infected and therefore now enjoy a natural immunity.  
Indeed, an Israeli study said that those who had COVID and recovered from it have considerably more protection from the Delta variant than that offered by the Pfizer vaccine. When a person has the virus—and remember, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the recovery rate says it’s 99.7 percent—the immune system kicks in when people are re-exposed to the virus. Having had the virus before, the body remembers the attacker and fights it off. 
Natural Immunity, Not the Vax?
But the fear mongering media has not given up on Delta, which they say could still bring more surges. And they fear that the respite from the virus may cause people to abandon caution, once again gather in crowds, and even stop wearing their masks.
Overall, however, the trend is back toward normalcy, and South American governments expect to reopen their borders soon.

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