Celente’s State of the Union Address

Not a drop of boogie
Not an ounce of jive


From Café Society chic
To fast-food fat


It ain’t got that swing
Lost its rock
Motown is No Town


One-note rap
High-tech tight


Hoodies athleisure
Corporate style
Elegance is history
Gone is grace


We’re No. 1


Most opioid-addicted
Most obese


Pigs can’t fly?


Yes, they can
Go to any airport


A foreign word


“Exceptional” arrogance
Monumental failures


Keeps starting wars
Can’t even win one


They rob their people
To bail out the BIGS


From the local level to
Washington Heights
Liars, Cowards, Freaks
And Fools


Democrats and Republicans
Kill millions and steal trillions

Bloods and Crips
Different name, same game


Murderers and thieves


A corporate/political

A nation of slaves.

Don’t Forget to Vote

Vote 4 Mr. Boogie



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