In the latest Trends Journal: Your global economic report

Trump White House win and then predict “The Trump Market Rally.” Wait until you see what’s coming next – forecasts only Trends Journal subscribers will receive.

Want to know where equity and cryptocurrency markets are heading? Not only do we show and tell you with our unique Globalnomic forecast, you’ll find out why gold is strongly in play and about to take a new turn.

There’s a lot of business-media talk about electric vehicles and the driverless-car craze. Is it time to invest? We break through self-serving hype and guarantee we’ll deliver the hard facts. Our forecasts break new ground you won’t find in any publication – online, in print, on the air – anywhere in the world.

This Trends Journal is jam-packed with powerful trend forecasts that directly affect your bottom line and quality of life. They’ll help you survive and thrive amid vast economic, geopolitical, media, technological and cultural change.

Subscribers are also treated to a special commemorative pullout poster that perfectly illustrates my Dysfunctional State of the Union address. It’s illustrated by renowned artist Anthony Freda. We will soon offer this poster so you can send it to family and friends who buy the presstitute news, adore their favorite politicians, belong to political parties… and believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny.



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