The Dysfunctional State of America

The current State of the Union has degenerated as high artistic, cultural and societal values have been replaced with the war, fear and terror mindset that currently prevails.

Look in the mirror, America. Look at who you are. Look at what you used to be and what you have become.

I do not write this in anger or malice. I am a true American. I am who I am and achieved much of what I have because I was born in the Bronx, USA, as a free American spirit to become who I wanted to be and to think for myself. A cultural freedom that is Made in America.

While I am well aware of atrocities committed by our politicians since the genocide of the native population and murderous civil and foreign wars, I love America for what our Constitution and Declaration of Independence represent.

Our leaders’ violations of the core principles that founded this country do not invalidate those tenets, but compel me to fight even harder for them.

As for the constant state of war for which there is virtual silence and “support our troops” celebrations, I honor those generals, such as Washington and Eisenhower, who condemned foreign entanglements and the military industrial complex.

And in contrast to the low moral character of the Democrats and Republicans who wage constant wars that murder millions and cost trillions… and all their avid supporters who vote them into office… I put my heart, mind and soul into fighting to preserve my country’s core values.

And I put my money where my heart, mind and soul reside.

From launching Occupy Peace ( to lovingly preserving richly historic buildings in Colonial Kingston, NY, that have stood since the birth of our country, I consider myself a true patriot.

I ask all of you who wish to stop the endless march to war to contribute to Occupy Peace, and to help reverse the current State of the Union. 

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