Artificial intelligence in a box

Chip-maker Nvidia has unveiled the DGX-1 supercomputer that, it says, trains artificial intelligence (AI) systems faster and cheaper than its competitors.

The computer is the size of a large suitcase and puts together deep-learning software with eight sophisticated processing chips. At $129,000, it’s not cheap but dozens of users – including financial services firms and research universities – already are finding it a good value. Several report that the box enables them to create AI programs more easily and fosters more flexibility and experimentation. One customer began developing AI programs the same day the DGX-1 was installed.

Because of its combination of ease and speed, the DGX-1 may speed breakthroughs in medical research and financial services.

TRENDPOST: The computer industry is configuring itself around artificial intelligence and the hardware and software that will speed it into our lives. Early adopters will gain an edge on competitors and investors will reap the benefits.


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