Trends in the Era of Trump

Available NOW! The 1st Quarter 2017 edition of your Trends Journal 

We were the only publication in the world to not only predict Trump’s victory, but to forecast that his election would usher in dramatic change. And in this edition, we provide meticulous, fact-based analysis of how Trump won and how you can play the “Trump Card” to advance your career, your life’s work, your ambitions.

You won’t find this depth of analysis, and what it means to your bottom line and quality of life, from any other media source. It is content that will remind you why a Trends Journal is so uniquely valuable and indispensable.

Also in this edition, we forecast how the legal marijuana trend will evolve under a Trump administration and why it will become an economic, social and cultural turning point as big as Prohibition was in 1933.

Has your neighborhood mall shut down? Have anchors closed? We’ll explain why the demise of malls will give rise to Main Street – and how you can cash in.

Elsewhere, we’ll take you on a ride into a driverless vehicle future, forecast how biomedical engineering will dramatically improve treatment of many common diseases and examine how technology is addressing the worldwide scarcity of clean water.

We even revisit the ancient  Garden of Epicurus for present-day lessons in communicating on higher, more creative levels…”a place where simple, sensual pleasures and collaborative, socially conscious philosophy prevail, while conspicuous consumption, aggressive competition, angry debate and fear are left at the entrance.”

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