Green energy grows jobs

States with strong green energy industries are more attractive to major employers, according to a new report called Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index: State Leadership & Rankings.

The study was commissioned by the US Retail Industry Leaders Association and the Information Technology Industry Council. The idea was to rank the 50 US states according to the ease with which major corporations could secure domestically produced renewable energy.

Pushed by regulation, consumer preference, and their own sustainability goals, more and more companies are committing to renewable energy. These companies are attracted to states where green power is ready and plentiful, factors that can reduce its prices. States with limited energy options tend to have higher energy costs.

It’s not coincidental that, according to a study by the Solar Foundation, the solar energy industry in the US now employs more people than either the coal or natural gas industries.  Not to be outdone, China has announced that it will invest $361billion in clean energy by 2020, creating 13 million new jobs. 

The global economy is gradually going green. Investors and entrepreneurs who recognize that reality earliest will reap the greatest rewards.

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