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Apple, the tech giant in Cupertino, Calif., announced in a leaked memo to employees last week that they will need to prove they’ve received a COVID-19 booster shot or submit to a test if they want to enter a work facility, according to a report.
“Due to waning efficacy of the primary series of COVID-19 vaccines and the emergence of highly transmissible variants such as Omicron, a booster shot is now part of staying up to date with your COVID-19 vaccination to protect against severe disease,” the memo, which was obtained by The Verge, read.
The report said it was not clear if the new guidelines impact all employees or only those who work inside stores, but the rule is set to go into effect on 24 January. Reuters reported that Meta Platforms, the parent of Facebook, also recently announced that booster shots will be mandated for employees returning to offices. (“WORK-FROM-HOME: 21st CENTURY MEGA-TREND.”)
Governments have used tech companies to be their censors when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak, and these companies have benefited financially during the outbreak and subsequent lockdowns. (See “TRUST OUR TWITTER ALGORITHM, NOT YOUR LYING EYES,” “BIG TECH HELPING BIG PHARMA PUSH VACCINES,” “CONGRESS PRESSURES BIG TECH TO CENSOR EVEN MORE” and “TECH GIANTS AND NATION STATES: WHO CONTROLS WHO?”)
The claim from health officials has been that the Omicron variant is less deadly but more contagious than previous virus variants. They insist that the best way to protect yourself from serious illness or death is by taking a third jab of the vaccine. (See “VAX EFFECTIVENESS WANES EQUALLY FOR OLD AND YOUNG: 4th JAB COMING.”)
Apple has not announced a firm date where corporate employees will have to return to the office. Tim Cook, the CEO, sent a memo last month that said offices are still open and some employees have been returning to work. The company seemed to dig in for a longer stretch of remote working and announced a $1,000 bonus for employees to make working from home easier.
TREND FORECAST: While there is a push going on among employers such as Apple, banks, investment firms, etc. to insist employees become fully vaxxed, as the COVID War begin to wind-down by late March, mid-April as we forecast, these forced-vax-mandates will lessen.
In addition, with a work shortage continuing and the difficulty of finding qualified employees—plus more reports of low vaccine efficacy rates—the “No Jab, No Job” requirements will ease.  

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