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This week, little attention was paid to a new antibody study that further downgrades the actual lethality of COVID for virtually any relatively healthy person under the age of 70. The study showed cases of COVID in the U.S. have been undercounted by as much as half.
Instead, the focus was on making an even bigger push to get vaccinations for every demographic, no matter how minuscule the threat of the virus to their well-being. Dr. Anthony Fauci was hogging cameras and moving goalposts again for “herd immunity,” this time claiming toddlers would “probably need to be vaccinated.”
Meanwhile, former President Trump was on Fox News in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, exhorting his recalcitrant support base to get their shots.
But not to fear. Tech companies are quickly stepping in with apps that track all the who, what’s, and where’s of getting vaccinated. The Wall Street Journal detailed initiatives by various tech giants to assist Big Pharma and Big Government in pushing the vax:

  • Apple: In Apple Maps, users can search for vaccine locations and see local results plotted out with addresses, hours, phone numbers, and links to websites. The information comes courtesy of VaccineFinder, operated by Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Facebook: The pervasive social network has a dedicated “COVID-19 Information Center” that contains a vaccine-location search tool, also powered by VaccineFinder. In the mobile app, an icon leads to the COVID-19 Information Center. In a web browser, users can click “See More” in the toolbar.
  • Google: A search for “COVID vaccines” in the Google Maps mobile app brings up a list of locations offering the vaccines, as well as eligibility information. A search of “COVID vaccine” in the Google search engine leads to a vaccine page with a breakdown of how many doses were given in the country, recent news, and other information.

Of course, none of the “helpful links” include information skeptical about any aspect of the COVID vaccines. That, despite numerous Euro nations recently halting distribution of the Astra-Zeneca version due concerns over dangerous blood clots associated with vaccinations. 
For now, the media, with the help of Big Tech, is mostly suppressing the reality that soon after the masses are vaccinated, “new strains” of COVID will undoubtedly require more vaccinations, masking, and limits on human activity.

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