It’s the Greatest Freak Show on Earth: the 2016 race for the White House, brought to you by those masters of propaganda, the six corporations that own and operate 90 percent of the country’s “news” media.

It’s a red-white-and-blue bonanza of inanity and insanity, featuring the blood-drenched “leaders” of the Republican and Democratic Gangs: the political Crips and Bloods who steal our money in the name of “too big to fail,” tax breaks, loan guarantees, etc., and murder millions in the name of freedom and democracy. The clownish cast of game-show-contestant presidential wannabes’ answers to issues of life and death, geopolitical turmoil, social unrest, the economic future of the nation, foreign policy and the never-ending War on Terror are summed up in bluster, sound bites and bravado – not solutions.

Trend Forecast: Barring an unforeseen event, we maintain our April 2015 forecast that Hillary Clinton will win the White House in 2016. That prediction was made before reality-show champion Donald Trump became a contestant. But whoever wins, Americans lose.

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