As the first wave of baby boomers turns 70 in 2016, the Davy Crockett/Mickey Mouse Club/Vietnam War/Woodstock generation will be forced to make life-and-death decisions, choose misery or joy, and expand or retract lifestyle choices many put off for most of their lifetime. Quality-of-life factors loom large: Living longer, unable to retire as planned, no savings in the bank, pensions in peril for those that had them, and coping with a variety of health and physical ailments. But products and services supporting the “coping” and “artful aging” needs of boomers-now-turning-seniors are already expansive and growing rapidly.

A wide range of value-packed trends for boomers who want to keep booming will be found in products, services and experiences that support living healthier and longer with grace, dignity and purpose.

Trend Forecast: The Boomer Boom trend is wide open. Big businesses, established industries and wide-eyed/on-trend entrepreneurs are positioned to create products, services, media and facilities for keeping aging boomers vibrant throughout old age. Among the many we identified: Special emphasis will be on holistic, natural-health remedies and activities as a comforting alternative to harsh medications, outpatient surgeries and coping products that treat but do not heal.

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