Once upon a time, the principles of free-market capitalism could answer the country’s most pressing economic questions: Where are equity markets headed? Will wages rise? Will retail sales rebound? Those days are gone. Capitalism is dead. It was killed in 2008 by four little words: “Too big to fail.” Bankism prevails. Central banks have lowered interest rates to unheard-of zero/negative levels and kept them there for the benefit of their bankster buddies.

Trend Forecast: We’re in the midst of the greatest financial scam in world history. Don’t believe the institute; listen to European Central Bank President Mario Draghi pledge to “do what we must” to keep afloat Europe’s sagging economies: More stimulus, more cheap money, more economic trickery to further feed the massive global-debt bubble. But despite banksters’ maneuverings, the $225 trillion debt bubble will burst – and a global recession/depression will prevail.

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