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While the moronic mainstream media blasts headlines about dying comics, a lost skier… or BBC’s headline story yesterday that “Millionaire murderer Robert Durst dies in prison,” not a peep about the U.S. backed Saudi Yemen War, which, according to the United Nations, is the worst humanitarian crisis on earth. 
Now, fighting has intensified in cities across Yemen as the Saudi-led coalition against Houthis managed to take back key provinces after a fresh order of reinforcements in the region.
The coalition announced that more than 390 Houthi fighters have been killed across the country in recent operations. Marib and Shabwa provinces have been the focus of these clashes. Ahmad al-Hamza, one a Houthi leader, was among those killed. Motley Fool reported that his convoy may have been hit by a Saudi airstrike.
And, it should be noted, the U.S. had been supplying air-refueling so the Saudi’s could reach their Yemen targets. 
Mohammed al-Naqib, a Yemeni military spokesman, told reporters that the advance in Shabwa aimed to choke Houthi fighters who have been continuing an offensive in Marib, which The Associated Press identified as the last remaining government stronghold in the northern reaches of the country.
Yemen’s civil war started in 2014, when the Houthis, who were ruling large sections of Yemen for over 1,000 years, overthrew the unelected president put in control by the Saudi’s, took control of Sana’a, and then seized the presidential palace. 
Biden was vice president under President Obama when the U.S. became involved in the conflict.
The Biden administration has essentially kept the same policies as did America’s Noble Peace of Crap Prize winner, Barack Obama, who supported the war… despite Biden vowing to end the war.
His administration has also continued weapons sales to the Saudis so they can keep the slaughter going. The Biden gang announced the sale of $650 million in air-to-air missiles for defensive purposes… which will in turn enrich America’s military industrial complex.
The Houthis have been making gains, so there is no rush on their end to meet at a bargaining table. 
Jehan Hakim, the head of the San Francisco-based Yemeni Alliance Committee, told NPR in November that the weapons sale is an example of the Biden administration wavering from its vow to wind down the war.
“I can’t understand a strategy that can justify the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians because without the support of the U.S.—when it comes to arms sales, logistical support, Saudi Arabia cannot continue its aggression on Yemen,” she said.
Death Knell 
UNICEF, the United Nations agency tasked with providing humanitarian aid to children worldwide, continues to identify Yemen as one of the world’s “largest humanitarian crises.” The agency said about 21 million people in the country of nearly 30 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.
That number includes more than 11 million children. 
“Since the conflict escalated in March 2015, the country has become a living hell for the children” and many health workers have not been paid a regular salary in several years. 
The country is in the throes of one of the world’s worst food crises and nearly 2.3 million children under the age of five are suffering from acute malnutrition. The agency said 400,000 could die if they do not receive urgent treatment.”
TREND FORECAST: The Trends Journal has reported extensively on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen that is playing out due to Saudi Arabia’s attack on the nation. 
Thus, we maintain our forecast that the Saudi/U.S. alliance will not defeat the Houthis, and the war will rage on, killing tens of thousands of innocent people while inflicting devastating and deadly hardship across the nation. 
The war will continue to be ignored by the mainstream media and the vast majority of the world will be ignorant to the human suffering the United States and Saudi Arabia have inflicted upon the nation.
As the war continues to rage, there will be continued attacks against Saudi targets by the Houthis. Houthis in Yemen have been targeting civilian communication infrastructure in southern Saudi Arabia, according to local reports. 
Their weapons of choice are explosive-laden drones, Al Arabiya reported. The Saudis have also accused Houthis of deploying nearly 250 naval mines and 100 explosive boats to disrupt maritime traffic in the Red Sea.
Houthis were accused of attacking an oil tanker on 5 January near the port of Hodeidah and The Jerusalem Post also reported that a UAE vessel was hijacked days earlier. The coalition claimed that Houthis said the hijacking was a warning to Israel that “movements of the Zionist enemy” at sea will end.

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