The Yemen war, launched by Saudi Arabia with the support of the United States, has escalated.
The political uprising against Ali Abdullah Saleh, who served as the first President of Yemen since its unification in 1990, erupted during the 2011 Arab Spring.
The country is one of the poorest in the world, with 80 percent of its population of 28 million dependent on international aid to survive. 
In response to economic and political crises ripping the nation, in 2014, the Houthis, who were ruling large sections of the country for over 1,000 years, overthrew the unelected president put into place by the Saudis and Americans to replace Saleh.
In 2015, Saudi Arabia initiated warfare against the Houthis. Announced by the Saudi Ambassador to the United States in a telecast from Washington D.C., the Yemen war—supported by the Obama administration and the Trump administration, both who have sold Saudi Arabia billions of dollars of munitions—has destroyed Yemen’s economy and infrastructure.
Speaking from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, then U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, “As part of that effort, we have expedited weapons deliveries, we have increased our intelligence sharing, and we have established a joint coordination planning cell in the Saudi operation center.”
Fast Forward
Last week at least 140 Saudi supported fighters were killed by Houthis and there have been reports of intense clashes in the government-controlled and oil-rich province of Marib. Reuters reported that at least 10,000 people were displaced there last month due to the clashes. reported that Houthi forces have taken control of the country’s southwestern al-Bayda province. A Saudi-led coalition on Saturday—in support of Sanaa—killed 160 Houthi rebels in Marib, which is considered a strategic city. The coalition said that 700 Houthi rebels have been killed over the past month.
Moammar al-Eryani, Yemen’s information minister, accused Houthis of targeting residential areas, according to France 24. The report pointed out that the UN has called for a cease-fire and identified at least 17,000 civilians who it considers “extremely vulnerable” and blocked off from aid.
Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan visited Washington on Thursday to—in part—discuss the situation in Yemen with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken… who was promoted from Deputy when President Joe Biden took office. 
Blinken reiterated that the U.S. has close ties with Saudi Arabia and Washington is “committed to the defense of the kingdom.” Like the UN, the Biden administration has been trying to broker a ceasefire in the region.
TREND FORECAST: The Trends Journal has reported extensively on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen that is playing out due Saudi Arabia’s attack on the nation. Here are a few of the articles: (See “Yemen War on track to destabilize Middle East,” 21 Apr 2015, “U.N. CALLS FOR YEMEN CEASEFIRE,” “PROTESTS IN YEMEN AGAINST U.S., SAUDI-LED COALITION,” and “YEMEN WAR INTENSIFYING…OR ENDING?”, U.N.: YEMEN HELL,” 16 Mar 2021.
Thus, we maintain our forecast that the Saudi/U.S. alliance will not defeat the Houthis, and the war will rage on, killing tens of thousands of innocent people while inflicting devastating and deadly hardship across the nation. The war will continue to be ignored by the mainstream media and the vast majority of the world will be ignorant to the human suffering the United States and Saudi Arabia have inflicted upon the nation.
As the war continues to rage, there will be continued attacks against Saudi targets by the Houthis. 
TRENDPOST: The Stockholm Peace Research Institute that showed G20 states “have exported over $17 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the Kingdom entered the conflict in Yemen.” reported that 80 percent of the country’s population of 28 million depends on international aid to survive. The Tasnim News Agency reported that the war has destroyed about half of the country’s hospitals, which was all the more critical during the COVID outbreak.
The UN humanitarian agency warned that 16 million Yemenis would go hungry this year, and the risk of large-scale famine “has never been more acute.”
While the COVID War and its growing “cases” make headline news month after month, barely a peep from the Presstitutes of the mass murder and human suffering inflicted upon innocent people by murderous politicians and their nations that sell the invaders murderous weapons.

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